My boyfriend came in me.. why did it come back out?


heya.. my boyfriend came in me today and it come straight back out!? why did it do this? is it supposed to? could i get pregnant off this? or wont it work? =/
im really confused about it..
please help! thank you xxx

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Quote from my book...

Hi there, I used to wonder the same thing but this is what my book says...

"When a man ejaculates during sexual intercourse, semen spurts out into the top of his partner's vagina and deposits literally millions of sperm there. This may seem like an astonishing number considering just one ovum is waiting to be fertilised, but up to 99 per cent of the semen drains away from the vagina after intercourse". (Which is what you experienced)..."Of the 500 million or so sperm released during each ejaculation, only about 100 survive the journey up through the uterus and Fallopian tubes to meet the waiting ovum".

So I wouldnt worry its 100% normal for this to happen and yes you could become pregnant. Hope this info helped.

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