Names for triplet boys and triplet girls. (so sextuplets again!!)


I am expecting sextuplets AGAIN! I have already got 6 lovely girls called Gabriella Louise, Isabella Louise, Annabelle Sophia, Danielle Sophia, Rosella Louise and Michelle Sophia Alexander.

So don't use them names!!^^

We are expecting ANOTHER 3 girls and for the FIRST time 3 boys.
We only found out just now! And we are looking for some names.

We are 5 months and a half pregnant and is already huge!!

Put some suggestions please! The sextuplets (the ones born) are trying to give me ideas but because they are only 4 and they come out like ... instead of Franny or "Ruwis" instead of Lewis!! All 3 of the girls will have the same middle name (Maria) and all 3 boys will have the same middle name (Daniel).

To help you our last name is Alexander.


Some names



Alyssia is a pretty name i have always loved, but we have 2 boys, and we've drawn the line there!
Two sets of sextuplets, lucky and if i may say, slightly crazy lol!
Did you have IVF, a mate of mine is struggling with IVF and has multiple births in the family, so i have always teased her about having more than one at once lol!
Well done you hun!
Good luck with the pregnancy!


Lucas and lilly

Lovely, I will take Lucas and Lilly! But change "Lilly" to "Lillie".

Lucas Daniel Alexander
Stephen Daniel Alexander - Might change to Lewis.
Ethan Daniel Alexander
Bethany Maria Alexander
Adriana Maria Alexander - Might change to Jasmine.
Lillie Maria Alexander

Aww thanks guys!! The older girlies will love these names!!

I can't wait to see what my husband thinks of these names!!

I love thinking of baby names!! If my little girlies ask me to have more babies... What do you think I will say!! N..O..!!

The only reason I put Jasmine and Lewis on the ends is because my husband is very picky about their names and wants them to be names he REALLY REALLY likes!!

Thanks in Advance!!



Andriana is pronounced with emphasis on the An (kind of like Andrew). The other option is Adriana which has emphasis on the A.

Stephen is also lovely!! I love Stefan (actually my favourite is Stefanos - Greek and Italian )

I'm sure any names you choose will be beautiful.

I just realised that I told you Annabel and you already have an Annabel!!

How about Jasmine btw? Do you like that?


Lovely and beautiful

by: mummylover12

I love it but I will keep it in mind as I must see other ideas.



OMG thats amazing, 2 sets of sextuplets is incredible!!
I don't know how you manage...

If i had to choose I would go for Athena, Andriana and Annabel for the girls.

And Stefan, Philipp and Paul for the boys.

All the names sounds lovely with Alexander as a surname. Alexander is a very Greek surname and all the names are too so they go well together (I think anyway )

Good luck!!!


Really hard to handle 4 year olds already!!

by: mummylover12

It will be really hard but once these babies are out of the tummy it will keep Gabriella, Annabelle, Danielle, Isabella, Rosella and Michelle busy instead of running round the house screaming at each-other!!

I like Stefan but can I change it to Stephen because it is lovely!! I also like Andriana can you tell me how to pronounce it because me and my husband have different ways of saying it!! He is getting into his grumpy mood!!
Stephen Daniel Alexander
Andriana Maria Alexander


A couple

Couple if names one of the girs bethany and one of the boys ethan like the male n female equivalent

Wow anyways 2 lots of 6!!! Are your pregnancies assisted (ivf?)



by: mummylover12

My pregnancies are IVF only because my husbands spern isn't working but there you are!! I was only trying for 1 boy this time but you know how it goes with IVF!!

Yes I like Bethany and Ethan...

Bethany Maria Alexander
Ethan Daniel Alexander

Now I just need 2 more girls names and 2 more boys names!!


Aaw thats so cute

by: shellinlondon

Well you certainly got the boy you wished for hun and then some wow yiu must have a huge car what about prams and car seats how exciting

Its nice to have like matching boy girl names isnt it hmmmm im racking my brain..... Il be back



by: shellinlondon

Lucas and lilly?? Im googling matching boy names some people are just so so wrong with their ideas lol



by: gramphone

Our twins arw Molly and Teddy but a friend has rwin boys Leon and Noel. I like the fact that the names mirror each other, just like the twins

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