Orgasms can bring on labor !!!!


I came across this.. quite interesting...

Orgasms to Induce Labor
You may have heard of couples who have engaged in sexual activity in order to naturally induce labor. Well, it has been shown that female orgasms can kick start labor contractions when they occur in the late stages of pregnancy. This is because of the fact that orgasm can cause your body to release oxytocin, a hormone which causes labor contractions. So, if you are past your due date and sick of waiting for baby, speak with your health care provider about engaging in sex to induce labor.

I have experienced B Hicks directly after and they last for a couple of hours... good luck

Frekkles 34 Weeks

Our partners


Cheers Frekkles ....will keep that one in mind!lol Looks like it will be a good movie to get me having the big O as DH is afraid to poke baby! Ahhh well we have to improvise!lol

Sarah...fingers crossed girl you wont have long to wait now! Get the raunchie dvds and books out to see if they are any good!lol

tc Sharon 29+2wk pink bump xx


Not working for me!!!! :@(

We've been trying like mad but nothing yet. I get braxton hicks for what feels like all day everyday but she's still far to comfy to budge. We'll keep at it and hope for the best.

Send me your good vibes girls, I'm ready for this little monster to make an appearance now.

Sarah & 39+3wk Pink bump. xxxxx


Me too!

by: 5reloaded5

39 weeks tommorrow and thoroughly fed up of growing people.

I've kinda went off the sex idea tho as OH been off work for 6 hours 5 minutes and I want to batter him.

Any other ideas?

Jen 38 + 6 with no 5 xx

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