Pelvic prolapse during pregnancy


I am currently 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child and am looking for advice from anyone who's had any experience of pelvic prolapse, whether during pregnancy or not.

I've had a lot of swelling down below for a few months now and it's been getting worse as time goes on and it feels like my insides are falling out - sorry probably too much info, but the best way to describe it.

I have made an appointment to see my doctor, but it's not for another 2 weeks, so I've been searching the internet this morning and the only thing I can find that matches all my symptoms is pelvic organ prolapse. There doesn't seem to be much information about it during pregnancy though, most of the stuff I've read says that it's usually a problem after pregnancy caused by the pregnancy and childbirth.

Can anyone give me any information regarding the condition? The things I've been reading so far have freaked me out a bit as it has mentioned needing bedrest and premature labour/birth. I'm not really sure what I can do though as my GP has no earlier appointments. I tried to get an appointment with my midwife also but there are none available before the one I have booked already for 3 weeks time.

Sorry to have gone on but I'm really worried. Thanks for reading. xxx


I know this was a long time ago but need info!

I am 2 months preg with # 4 I knew I had after last one born. from what I knew about prolapse that was safe to hget preg again and saw that prolapse usually fixes itself while pregnant, but now I feel like my insides are coming out I just had a check up a couple days ago though and everything looked good. I am not having accidents luckily tho my uterous is retroverted so its tipped the other way... but not sure what to do, how did things turn out to people that had it before...and got through it? getting lots of cramping (no blood) but think its to the uterous streching I wish this was somthing ppl talked about more, would be nice to know what to expect ....my dr isnt worried should I be? also when I push the vaginal walll back inside I can feel the uterous its right there is that normal???


Hospital midwife department

If you are worried and don't want to wait 2weeks, try ringing your hospital midwife department. They can advise you on the phone and maybe invite you in so they can check you out. If I were you I would do this as it will put your mind at rest and it's not good to worry to much during pregnacy!



Pelvic prolapse

As a result of the weakened pelvic wall, the bladder and rectum can actually begin to fall, causing leakage. Other symptoms include back pain and pressure in the vagina, to the point that it sometimes feels as if something is falling out of the body. My sister had a pelvic prolapse after she gave birth to her 6th child. She underwent the PROLIFT procedure and now she's ok. [url=http://doctorfinders.com/prolift.php]Prolift[/url]


I thought i was doing too much.

Hi, I am also 6mths preg with my 3rd baby and like you feel as if insides are falling out n are swollen. Especially if i stand up for a long time. I didnt even give it much consideration although it is most uncomfy n painful. I just put it down to chasing two toddlers around and increased blood flow below as all 3 of my pregs have been dfifferent I just thought it an new preg symptom. I will now mention it to my midwife at my next apppointment. Thanks for aleting me. Good luck hope you get sorted. Lol Donna x


Dont worry, i have the same

Hi there, i am pregnant with my 4th child. I have had this since i was 20 weeks and now i am 34+5.

At first i noticed the swelling at either side of my ? what word should i use.lol
At first i was terrified, i thought it was something related to my glands. I went straight to the doctors, who then referred me to the consultant at the hospital.

By the time my appointment came a couple of weeks later, i had what shall we say a couple of minor wee incidents and was walking like i had just got off a horse, the pressure was that great.

The consultant told me after an internal examination that i definitely had a prolapse bladder. She said it would probably correct itself after the birth but if not it would just take a minor operation to correct it.

She said in the mean time, rest if you need to, do as many pelvic floor exercises as you can because these two things can help.
Rest is easier said than done, with me having 3 kids already.lol

My main worry was giving birth and my bladder coming out, the midwife assured me that when you give birth the bladder moves down and to the side so it wouldnt come out.

So dont worry hun, it is quite common, especially as in my case if you've had your children close together.

Take care

Stacey 34+5



by: tigrelili

Hi, i know you wrote that a while back, but I am pregnant with my 2nd child, about 28 weeks, and am also going through a prolapse. my doctor has seen it and made sure that my cervex wasn't descending, but what i'm wondering is how everything worked out for you? This is all new and uncomfortable to me and i'm scared of what it means for my delivery/recovery? Also, is it possible to have preterm labor bc of this, or do you know? Thanks! I know that's a lot of questions, but i'm really concerned.

Desirae 28 weeks


i most certainly have a prolapes

Hi i am 21 weeks pregnant with my 6th child and lets just say i have things hanging out of me that should not be, so i know how you feel .
I also went online this morning to gather some info and was frightend silly with the info i printed off.
i have an apointment with my consultant in two weeks time and have been advised to just push what is hanging out back in.
i just wanted to let you know that there is someone out there that is going through the same thing and who is scared too. let me know how you get on and good luck!


I have swollen bits too

It is strange I don't feel like my insides are falling out I have had that feeling before though, can you ring the local hospitals midwifery department?They will advise you on whats going on. I find that if I have got symptoms and I look on the net I always get so freaked out and work myself up to think alsorts it can be quite scary. Its IMPORTANT to be aware though at the same time. Have you been doing pelvic floor exercises? I am 6 months pregnant with my first child and getting the swollen bits and thrush though using live yoghurt now and the thrush is going away thank god!
Do you doctors not offer an emergency appointment system if you ring on the morning???
Let me know how you get on and how you are Abigailxxx

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