Rhinoplasty with jan stanek


Hi has anyone had a rhinoplasty with jan stanek?? Booked mine for November and starting to worry as I can't find any reveiws good or bad !! Surely he must be ok as he performs rhino on tv?? Help!!!!

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Face lift with mr chantrasak ?

Hi everyone I am thinking of having a face lift with Mr Chantrasak. Does anyone have any experience of having a face lift with him and can give me some feed back . Thanks



by: kazza41

Hi I am also having a facelift with Mr Chantarasak did you have him? and if so how was it? He has done my eyes which i am very pleased with. Im due in next week for neck lift. Any information on him for a face necklift would be useful. I do have complete trust in him as he seems very good and does not push you into surgery if anything he is the opposite.

Kaz X



Hi ,
Have you had any feedback ? I am about to book a rhinoplasty with Jan Stanek and like can't find any review.
If you could let me know, I will be very grateful.


Rhinoplasty with jan stanek

I had a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, liposuction and eye surgery with him two years ago and am going in again next week for more surgery.

He is probably one of the best and I gave up in the end trying to find other surgeons.


Follow up on rhinoplasty

by: alexandrie23

Thank you for your message. I was wondering if you could show me picture of your rhinoplasty ? how different was the nose after the operation ?


Jan stanek

by: mustheword44

I had rhino surgery with this man when I was 25ish,I am now 45. It was to correct my broken nose . I had to have revision on the NHS 2years later.
I wasn't happy with what Jan Stanek had acheived. It was a long time ago and I guess he has performed loads of other ops since.
All I can say is that he didn't offer me a revision, even though I was not happy with the outcome,but there must have been a problem, as the NHS finished the job. Just ask all the questions and also about revision if you were not happy. He COULD have done more for me,but he just didn't want to.
I didn't like him,found him to cool and aloof.

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