42 and just starting clomid - anyone else over 40 and does clomid work?


I am 42 years old and after 2 years of not getting pregnant - being told I had one tube blocked and was not ovulating I managed to get pregnant in January 2007 but sadly miscarried in February 2007 at 5 weeks. I was devastated but at least I had proved I could get pregnant.
I finally decided to go private and saw a consultant today who has prescribed Clomid. She doesn't think the tube is definitely blocked and as I've already managed to get pregnant once thinks my chances are better on Clomid than on IVF.
Has anyone else tried Clomid and had success - especially at my age?


How priest onome gave me an unlimited joy in helping me get pregnant

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33 and depressed. i feel so selfish and low.

I don't know anyone who understands how I feel, and have been trying to have a bay for 4 years. I am now off work, depressed and nearly able to get myself out of bed in the mornings.
I feel selfish as I have a wonderful 5 yr old daughter who is the light of my life. I want to enjoy her and be there to enjoy her childhood, but after being diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago and spending a fortune on pregnancy tests, I can't help but feel my family is incomplete.
I work with the health visitors for under 5year olds so see new horns everyday. Parents who don't love their baby's, or are drug addicts etc. it just seems so unfair.

I hope to be able to chat to people who understand how I feel.


How to get pregnant fast

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Charley ,


How to get pregnant fast

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40 next month and first time on clomid

Hi,im so glad i found this page,i was on clomid 100 ,2-5 days this month, its been 16 days since my last tablet,i hve cramps and pain in my ovaries,my dr is very relaxed,she gave me the tables and said good luck see u next month since reading all the comments i have changed my dr but the appointment is next week,im just worried and confused



I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - http://24tabs.org I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.





Yes it works

I did clomid at 45 and it worked so go for it and good luck




by: rtagoai

Hi I read your post about being 45 and clomid working for you...I'm 45 and started my first round of clomid after my cycle which was 9/13/13, my doctor had me on the 5-9 day of clomid, and so I took the clomid during this time, and I'm now waiting to see if it worked...my period was due on 10/4/13, nothing as of yet, but don't want to get my hopes up high as I've read on other forums..periods can come late...but can you tell me what you did and your positive results? thanks so much..Rasela my email is raselaminda@yahoo.com



by: rtagoai

Hi my name is Rasela and I too am 45 yrs old and started clomid last week and waiting to see if I will ovulate...I did the 5-9 cycle per my doctor, did you get pregnant after your first try with clomid? thanks


What was your regime

by: onemorepls

I know this is a while since you did the clomid course, can you say how many cycles did you do? was there any side effects?

Thanks in advance


Trying at 48

by: shellbell10

Hi, I turn 49 on Monday and only been trying to conceive for a few mths. I am eager to try Clomid and have a specialist appt next mth. Do you think I am too old to be trying Clomid?? I hope the specialst will advise me to take it or something similar.

I just want to know if I've left it go too long I am truly in love for the first time in my life, my partner and I both have a child from previous relationships but the children don't live with us. We just want to have a child together.

I just need someone to talk to.



You give me courage

by: deborah1150

Hi Shelly
I am 48 we have one son. After my son was born I was not able to conceive anymore, I have spent years back and forth to my GP looking for answers. She has never referred me for help. I eventually went to a private doctor who told me I will have to use donor eggs.
I am about to try IVF but I keep thinking I am too old.



Hi i'm 47 and a newbie

by: onemorepls

Hi All
I am 47 and has been ttc for eight years. I know it will happen and will be trying clomid for the first time, any advice from anyone?


Shelly, i am trying to reach you!

by: katanya1

Please post back to me!


i totally know how you feel! let's be friends!

by: katanya1

Hi! I am about to turn 48 so I know how you feel! Personally I think we all are on different journeys, like you I only recently found real love and just got married at 41 and miscarried around 42! I think we definetly still have a chance! I recently tried Maca and it did help for a while but I lost my mom in January so I dropped everything and depression set in. I also started teaching a very rough group of middle school kids. Now that summer is here I really want to start ttc again! I was so close before! Now I too am wondering about Clomid! I had researched it awhile back and I was worried about side effects at my age! Before mom passed I felt like the Maca and praying was really working! I am at a lost now. Are you spiritual? I don't want to say the wrong thing. I am quite spiritual, but I am not perfect I don't go to church regularly. Please write me, I really need a support buddy and I think we could help each other! Susanne


Support for you & hopefully you for me ...

by: spookieb1

hello, I am 45 and about to try clomid for the first time, I am very scared but I feel this will be worth it if it works ... I know how you feel being this age... been trying to conceive for 8 years ... fertility doctor told me there is nothing wrong with me or hubby ... said no reason I am not pregnant. ! sounds crazy .... I finally realized that if it's not in Gods plan, then I have to accept it. * I am a believer ( dont know if you are) it is still hard though, I have wanted to be a mother since I was a teen. I guess I am looking at it like this, maybe this will be the time it was meant to be, if it doesnt work, I will accept it. only a higher authority knows. at this point, it cant hurt to try the clomid. if it works I would love it, instant family and I have always wanted identical twins, I would be extremely happy to have twins .... it would definately be a blessing !! but cant say I am not scared ... I am, have to admit that. but it can only work or not work right ? I hope to hear from you, maybe we can be inspiration for eachother. I pray for you that it works or that you are already pregnant. I will be starting the clomid when my next cycle hits which is anyday ... a little spiratic now at my age. take care for now. Judy


Hi shelly

by: pdiddy64


My name is Kathleen. Congratulations on finding love.

From a very young age, (no real reason, just a gut feeling and fear) I did not believe I would be able to have children. I married at 23. I was on birth control the first 6 months of our marriage, and it took us some time to conceive. I had my first son at 29. It retrospect, what a blessing....I was more patient and ready to be a parent. That was 1994. I had another son in 1996 and another son in 2000.

Sadly, I miscarried in July 2002. I was devestated. I remember driving home thinking it was a girl because I wasn't feeling sick like I did with the other pregnancies. I miscarried at 7 weeks. So....I remind (gently), those women who are struggling in their first trimester to be grateful for the nausea....it's a gift of reassurance from God that everything is developing as it should be.

One thing I did not realize...the physical loss comes first, but hte emotional sadness and loss did not impact me until about 6 months later.

Since I lost that baby, my husband and I have not used any form of birth control. I feel like I am missing a child and although I just turned 46, I do not feel ready to close that door. I heard someone mentioning clomid the other day and i wonder if it is a possibility for me. What have your learned?

This is the first chat room I have participated in. Your message touched my heart.


I am also 45, taking clomid

by: lorluvbug

I'm on my 3rd round now, started with 50 mg. days 5-9,
2nd was 100 mg.
this time im doing 100 mg.days 3-7

what did you take, when and for long??



by: rtagoai

Hi I'm 45 yrs old too...just started my first round of clomid this month after my period, days 5-9 and now just waiting to see what happens..my husband and I are so ready to be parents and pray that all will be fine...as with you and everybody on this forum...I was having regular periods...only irregular factor was that it would come at the beginning or end of each month...but I had them (periods) every month...I hope clomid works for us...good luck!

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