Got an implanon implant could i be pregnant? help please!!!??



Im 19 years old and have the implanon implant, ive only had this nearly 2 years, (I got the 3 year one) And only recently been told that as i am quite overweight the implant will not last as long as it would if i was of average weight, my doctor never told me any of this and its clear to anyone im overweight! Since having the implant put in my periods havent been the same anyway, but for the past 2 months they have been very little, a couple of spots of bleeding one day, nothing the next. They havent been on time and very unpredictable, ive also noticed what looks to be a funny colour and smelling discharge (Not all the time only now and then). And been experianceing period pain like cramps in my stomach, which i only usually get whilst on my period. My body doesnt feel mine (If that makes sense!!) And recently ive been very emotional, bursting into tears for no reason, And been so moody, but i cant control it! (I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but it isnt like me) And i seem to have lost all interest in sex, Am i just being paranoid as ive been told it wont last aslong or could i be pregnant, i would appreciate anyones help on this, as its causing me alot of stress and worry, im too scared to go to the doctors "just in case" And i have no one i can talk to about this. Is there anyone thats in the same situation as me? Or even got pregnant whilst having this implant in? Or can anyone just offer me some advice.

Thank you


Got implanon a week ago i think i was pregnant be fore i got it

So I'm 18 and I got implanon a week ago. Before I got it I had multiple pregnancy symptoms as well as being late for my period which isn't normal for me. So the symptoms have gotten worse this past week and I still haven't gotten my period. I got emplanon on June 9th is it possible that I'm pregnant?


Heya hun

I have been having the exact same things pregnancy like symptons and ive taken 3 home pregency tests and they all came back negative im gonna go to the doctor to see if they will know if im pregnant or not im 22 years old and i been on it for over 2 years mine expires next year and i was terrified i could be pregnant whilst on it and 3 test says negative so its really frustrating to know but i certianly wouldnt panic because some woman who arent on the birth control or implant can experince pregnancy like things and not be pregnant so just best to go to the doctors as well as me hopefully just for a babies sake we are not pregnant xx


Hey sweetie

Im on my second year too my peroids were every few months for a long while since i got the implant now they have gone back to regular montly i been feeling moody depressed restless nights sleep and constant need to pee i feel sick sometimes and i gained some weight as well. i would like help to so maybe its best if we both go to the doctors get a home pregnancy first just to be sure and see what they say because obvoiusly something is going on in our bodies we are both very confused about so i think its best we speak to someone perfessionally about this. Us women's body work in very strange ways... so it could be something mostly women go through as well. xx



by: tiffyr89

I have been on implanon 2 years now but recently I swear pregnant breast tender n grew, nipples changed, moody and tired but tests n drs nope not after 10 days late (take note for end) got period but not normal light almost spot 6 days then massive cramp n sudden blood loss (miscarriage) assumed was just maybe period kickin in n next 7 days brown spotting and then smelly discharge... I have just been hospital and I have a infection because of a collection lower uterus which is consistent miscarriage and remants caused infection....
Dr then made me aware n y initially confused had to keep repeat - implanon u shud either have no period or irregular I.e once every 3 months but random, when start regular period (month cycle) it is not working... she also told me main issue is obesity now I didnt realise but 6 mnths ago I was at heaviest almost 90kg and im only 5 ft gradual weight gain n stubborn... when first started maybe 1x every 3 months and 6 months ago went to regular month cycle and weight fell off and now im 60 kg with no change diet or routine bit coincendence?


i think i'm paranoid

I've had the implant for a year and a month now I had it fitted last febuary 2012 and evert since my periods have stopped completely but lately every so often I've had spotting sometimes just after intercourse I've lost interest in having intercourse I feel bloated and strange feelings in my belly sometimes my hips and sides Hurt excruciating back pain when stood up for long periods of time and my legs and feet hurt this has only happened in the past few days to a week ago but this could be down to the fact I'm a very large women I haven't been to the doctors cause I'm scared to and my fiancé thinks it's nothing and it's just stomach pains like he gets (he's also quite large) sometimes my sense of smell is stronger then usual I did take a pregnancy test a month after the implant was put in because I was feeling paranoid and we do want a baby together but cause I'm 17 and live with my mum I can't please can someone help I honestly don't know what to do is it all in my head?


Implanon not 100%

I fell pregnant and miscarried whilst still using the implant Go straight to your doctor and get tested and if you are then get the implant removed asap, dont do what I did and listen to the drs who said that the implant would affect the baby. Hope you're okay and if you need anything just private message me xxx


Implanon questions

by: angeltapp

How did you know you were pregnant? I've had this for over a year and showing signs and I have another baby and I know what to look for. Do I see a doctor now?



by: kymahni2012

How did you know you were pregnant??


Pregnant with the implanon

If you have any hint of a feeling that you might be pregnant HAVE A PROPER TEST AT THE DOCTOR. I'm 16 and have had the implanon for 3 months, as I'm with a long-term boyfriend and it's a lot easier than having to remember to take the pill every day, and I also knew that I wouldn't want a child in the next 3 years. They tell you to wait seven days before having sex, and I had intercourse on the 7th day. Yesterday I found out that I was pregnant and the doctor said that it is likely that I conceived on that day, making me roughly 3 months pregnant (although I haven't had a scan yet, so that isn't certain). I had cramping, NO MORNING SICKNESS but often felt sick and dizzy, decreased libido and generally 'felt pregnant'. As i knew that feeling unwell and becoming bloated were side effects of the implant, and after reading all these threads with women saying there's no way you'd be pregnant with the implant, I thought I was just being paranoid. I did two pregnancy tests, and now know that I was roughly two months pregnant at the time and got TWO FALSE NEGATIVES. In the last two weeks, my stomach was so obviously rounded that I couldn't ignore it anymore. A lot of women have said that they don't want to go to the doctor because they think they'll look stupid, thinking that they are pregnant on the implant when they are just paranoid. Even if you have a slight feeling that you could be pregnant, have a proper test! I went to my local family planning clinic yesterday and had a urine test and this one showed that I was definitely pregnant after a few seconds, so DON'T TRUST HOME TESTS. Basically my advice is, wait two weeks not one after having the implant fitted before having sex, just to be safe. If you throw up or think you could be pregnant, go straight for a proper test. I am going to the abortion clinic on Saturday, only to discuss my options. I have always been against abortion but never thought that I'd be in a situation when it would be extremely difficult for me to have a child. My options are much narrower, as I am so far gone. I am extremely scared and wish I had found out sooner, so that I had longer to figure out what I was going to do. All that time that I had hunches, I could have known for sure. Although I am not relieved because I am pregnant and am now worrying about what I will do next, it will be a huge weight off your shoulders once you know for sure. If I had waited a few weeks longer to go to the doctor, it's possible that I wouldn't even have any options. I'm not trying to worry anyone by saying that the implant is unreliable, it's a great method of contraception, I just wish I'd waited one day longer instead of thinking it would be ok for it to have 'basically been a week'. I'm just trying to say that if any of you that are worrying, actually are pregnant, then it's best to know, for sure, sooner rather than later. On Saturday I will post again with whether or not I did conceive on this day, or if, in fact, I got pregnant having been on the implant for a while, so whether or not it is unreliable.


Dont panic

Hey ive had mine in for nearly three years now , im 19 and my hormones all the way through mine have been up and down its such a common thing for the implanon a lot of girls end up getting rid of the inplanon just for that reason , my periods for the past three years have been on and off all the way through spotting randomley and then nothing for a few months , my weight has gone up and down , i went and had a chat with my doctor and the hornone your implant realeses is the sane as the one your body will naturally release whilst pregnant wich im guessing is why the shmptoms are very similar i hope this helps but if you are worried i go to your doctors


Have implant for second time

i've had the implant for five years... two different ones. i'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms and i am absolutely terrified!! i'm gonna do a test to be on the safe side but that's all you can do. there's a high chance you may not be prgenant but you need to put your mind at ease. i've had experience with the implant and it's not just side effects that i'm having, best to get yourself checked out than stressed out



Hi I am 20 years old and had the implant fitted after having my second child. I wouldnt worry about your periods spotting or being considerably less to be honest because it says in the leaflet they give you that it is a common side effect of having the implant. If you are really worried you should book an appointment with the doctor because they will be able to shed some more light on the situation for you. It all has to be confidential anyway so if you were worried about youparents finding out it wouldnt matter. My emotions have been all over the place since I had the implant fitted and when I asked my doctor about it she said it was perfectly normal and that sometimes the symptoms last longer in some than others. I cant give you any advice on the funny smelling discharge I would see the doctor about that the colour of it could be another side effect but probably better to get it checked out by a proffesional just to be on the safe side. I dont agree with the fact they have told you that because you are overweight it wont last as long because I was never told that when I had mine fitted and im not of average weight either since I had my children. All I can say is dont stress yourselves out about it because there is only a slim chance that you are pregnant I think only one in every thousand women concieve on the implant. Book an appointment with your doctor and talk to them about your concerns because im sure they will be able to put you in touch with someone that will be able to give you some better advice. All I can say is there is no point worrying over something until your certain.



i have the same implant, did you ever get caught with it because some days i feel the same one minute im happy and the next i could cry about anything, its stressing me because i know something isnt right with body. I also suffer from bladder infections well it could be a kidney infection im still awating for my scan, This is why im scared. Im having a scan to check my kidneys but the only way they can see them is by using a baby scan and i dont want to go and find out im pregnant, the thought of having a baby is amazing but im to young yet and i need this sorting whatever my problem is. i feel bloated and sick some days and ive started craving foods i dont normally eat /: i darent tell my boyfriend as the thought of becoming a s=dad terrifies him and there is no one i can talk to so i would be gratefull for anyones reply.??
thanks (:



by: saram239

I'm the exact same as you one minute happy the next sad... I've got major kidney problems.. Keep getting infections and have in the past been put on months courses of antibiotics.. From my own personal experience kidney infections and pregnancy are very similar and extremely dangerous together... Nearly died giving birth to my first and was in a similar position with my second.. I'm 23 and been on implant for 3 months and getting pregnancy/kidney symptoms.. Suggestion s although hard to discuss find a doc you like and having a talk is best option for you..



ill be 18 in a month.iv had the implanon implant for 3 months.i had my period last month but nothing at all this month no spotting nothing.i pee 10 in an hour and i will only drink one can of soda in 3 hours.my stomach hurts i get dizzy all the time i feel sick all the time.me and my parntner r having problems.i tried telling him i was pregnant and he told me i could because of the impplanon implant but when i read these stories i knew i could be but i alreadt toke a pregnency test and it came up negitive so im going to go to the hospital and find out


You're all paranoid

ok, let me just say that a lot of you have no need to use birth control, 14 years old? seriously. at lease you're trying to be safe......anyway i'm 24 years old i received mine a year and a half ago and all the signs you all are going through is perfectly noraml. thy user name is as is, you're all for some reason experiencing it and there really is no need, really, XD. so ill elaborate for at lease the ones who are afraid to get themself checked out ( 14-16 years old ) so if you have already taken a test and it states you're not pregnant and you take a second one different brand name and its still negative you arent pregnant. if you really feel youre unsure go to a place i call planned parenthood. im really kind of unsure if this site originates from the uk but im from the u.s and its a simple clinic where its free to come and go without paying nothing to get counciling, help, terminate or otherwise check to see if you're ok. and what they can offer you with what products you are qualified for. as far as i'm concerned but if you all do have something similar it should be confidential for those who are over 18 and depending on what it is you're giong in for they might tell someone whom you're related to or a friend ( whatever you put in the paperwork before all this happenend ) anyway, what my name means is very simple its similar to if you cant see it but believe in it it must be real. well you're wrong lol it basically means you're psyching youreself out, setting you're self up for something thats usually simple like when you broke a vast and ran away cause you didnt want to be grounded or yelled at, while doing this im sure you;re thinking of so many lies and out ragious stories that otherwise wouldnt make a damn ( pardon my language ) bit of sence. but when you clear you're head cause you think "maybe it wont be so bad" and say hey i did that and say sorry it really feels wonderful after words. so what im saying is if the ones who go to a clinic or take another test and it still comes up negative then you seriously have nothing to worry about and you're being paranoid. as i was saying if you had sex before like literally two days before you got you're implant without anything condom, morning and after pill, female condom, nut without withdraw, then you could be pregnant cause of you're stupidity. the odds really are 99.8 % and then means for those who are avarage now for those who are actually over weight even by a little it wont make a difference what they are talking about. but if you want one and they are saying you're over weight by like 100-120 lbs then yea you can have a little higher of a chance of getting pregnant. er-go the real and only way to get pregnant is the following: 1 you had unprotected sex and said nothing to the people who did it then you're stupid and are serious;y screwing up you're body and its on you. 2 like i said nothing is 100% accurate so that 2 % could get you pregnant. 3 they did it wrong and you got preganant , that is entirely on them as a "professtional" to know what their doing. and lastley 4 you thought you may have already been pregnant from the start and wanted a way to terminate. which if you think about it wouldnt happen cause they do all that before the fact or at lease in my country and state does i cant speak for anyone else. as far as feeling like crap ( excuess the language ) and dizzy faint that sourt of thing happens if you all really are that parinod about that then read up on what you all got from the person who did it or go down and start asking some questions but here is a link for everyone that helped me out after 2 months lmao. good luck and seriously dont jump the gut cause of something that isnt true......http://www.spfiles.com/piimplanon.pd.pdf



I have the exact same symptoms. I'm 14, I went to my school nurse and she said that it's normal thing to happen. I'm always bloated and started to throw up the other day. Aparently it's normal, I got a pregnancy test that showed negative, so you should be ok. Otherwise, why don't you just go take a pregnancy test or go to your doctor and say you're worried.


Birth control

I have used other forms of birth control before. Like the nueva ring and it causes the same symptoms because it is a high dose of hormones that is suppose to last you a while. Where as a pill is a certain dose every day so you don't notice a difference of mood or emotions. Yes all birth control is 99.9% effective and your doctor should have mention before they gave you implanon that it is not AS EFFECTIVE on overweight women. But it does not keep you from losing weight. For women that have been pregnant before, you know the difference between gas and a kick to your ribs. There is a difference between peeing because you have a UTI and peeing because there is a 3-7 lb baby squishing your bladder. So unless you really think the pregnancy test is defective, you shouldn't waste your time worrying because it will make you even more emotional.


Ive got the same symptoms

I've got the same symptoms too! I'm 17 and 18 next month, might be pregnant is not an option tbh? i wants a career first! stressing!!!



Its just the side effects of the implant u will be able to see all the side effects on the leaflet the doctor/nurse should of gave u however u can always look online.

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