Ps help: looking for an egg donor


We are desparately looking for an egg donor.My husband and I are in our mid twenties and been trying for a baby for three years. Unfortnunately over the last two years I have had operations due to recurring ovarian cysts, and have lost a follapian tube and an ovary.I now have a cyst on the remaining ovary and alot of scaring meaning its impossible to use my own eggs.

Our only hope of becoming parents is through a very kind selfless stranger who would be willing to donate.We are from black British background but we are wiling to accept donation from any ethnic background. We so much long for the day we can celeberate the birth of our child. Every day activity is a remind of the pain infertility can cause. When I see mothers picking children from school, every time when a friend announces that they are pregnant, I wonder if I will ever know how this feels. Ps make our dream come true.

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I'm a 30 years old women, mother of two healthy, wonderful boys. I would like to help. Just let me know.


Pride angel

by: em761

Many thanks for sharing these information. Will give them a try. Its worth it.


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Dear Friend,

We at Rotunda are a world famous fertility clinic. We can definitely help you with a egg donor. Write to us at physician@rotundaivf.com



Poss egg share

Hi wondering if you would be willing to donate sperm I would love to help you if this is possible we are looking for a black or mixed race sperm donor ??


Sperm donation for eggs

by: deborah1150

Hi just saw your mail we are a black couple in need of an egg donor and is willing to donate sperm. Please contact via mail at waitpatiently19@gmail.com

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