My penis is to small need help


im 19 and my penis is 3 inch not hard and 4.5 when hard does any 1 no any cream or pill or somethink like that to make my penis bigger thanx for ur help


Jelqing is the only way jim!

I've been doing a lot a research and the only way to make your penis bigger permananty is through jelqing. It doesnt happen overnight, but if you stick with it, it can pay off big time. Check out: growit.squarespace.com

This is the cheapest best put together site I've found.

Good luck and yeah stay away from pills, creams and machines. You don't need them.



.ill just say having a small penis isn't bad...its how you use it :]. but just remember, the more the experience the better youll get. just keep practicing with ur gf or something.


Learn what to do with it

Sure it is on the small size but technique makes up a lot for size


Small penis

Hello, I am a primary healthcare provider and am writing a new ebook on the subject. I will be releasing it within a week or two on amazon and a couple of others: Guide to Natural Penis Enlargement and Male Sexual Health. I will keep the price very low or free so let me know how it works for you.



2-3 times a day do you prepare hand practice..

This is the best suggestion.


My penis is to small need help

I think 4,5'' is enough to satisfy a woman. They say only 1st 2inches are crucial to satisfy a female. 4,5 would be also an average size for Asians. So I think you have nothing to worry about. You may try some supplements to achieve harder erections but I don't think its really possible to enlarge penis without surgery.


Exercises might help you to increase your size

Hi! Nothing to worry about. There are effective penis exercises that may help you to increase your size. Exercises like Jelqing, Kegel & Wally Wally ups will definitely increase your size, though this exercise might take time to show results but it surely will give you positive results.



My penis is to small need help

You can try chilly powder to got stronger erections but I don't think there is anything that would permanently enlarge a penis like a pill or cream, I have never tried anything though yet. There are plenty of pills there claiming to do the thing but I really doubt. I guess don't worry about it so much, they say that it counts only the first 2 inches for a woman to satisfy her.



dont worry about the size, im 19 and my fella also has a small penis but as i say to him it really is what he does with it not the size that matters! dont be down heartened any girl who truely loves you should not be bothered about the size of your downstairs region


Penis pump

Hi Jim,

my last boyfriend has a similar problem and he was really upset about it. But what he found very useful was trying a penis pump, he got this one http://www.whitebunny.co.uk/products.php?product=Penis-Enlarger-Pump and as you can see it is less than £15 so worth a try.

Good luck


Small penis worries

There is nothing that can be done to increase length in your penis, so don't get sucked into buying pills because they simply don't work at all.

What you have is fine, 4.5inches erect is small but it doesn't matter because women rarely orgasm from penetration alone. Most women need clit stimulation to orgasm.

If it makes you feel better, i know a guy who has a 1cm penis flaccid and he is 1 inch erect, this is because of a hormone problem he had.


You might be surprised...

Mate some of the best sex I've had has been with guys with a smaller than average penis..simply cos they learn their techniques and are more concerned about pleasing their woman.. a lot of blokes with big ones seem to think that all they have to do is turn up and the girl will have the time of her life.. ; ) positioning is important so that you can get as deep as possible, but as we women all know, it isn't just about penetration, more stimulation of clit, so practice your finger techiniques.. o and for your own self-esteem, keep yourself well-trimmed down there, my man struts about admiring his 'extra length' when he's newly clipped! ; )
hope this helps x

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