Female masturbation


Anyone females got any tips for good masturbation. Currently finger myself most nights. Use a rampant rabbit from Ann Summers and have a couple of times used a carrot or other veg.

Any good tips that will make me so wet?


Keeping it exciting

I have some ideas to keep masturbation exciting for you all, if you're interested let me know



by: cute1995

I'm interested



I can help you. Add me on Skype: heavyjairo


Hi im new

this is my first forum ever. and last night was my first time putting anything inside me. I don't know why but I was just rubbing around myself with this jumbo highliter. then I had the feeling that I wanted it inside me. so I put it in. I didn't feel any real discomfort or pleasure for that matter but I like the idea that something was in there and that it could go so deep. I'm only 16 ill be turning 17 in a couple of days. any tips on how to make this process go a lot more pleasurable? I don't want to stop


Have kik

by: kenny9312

Do you have kik


Very nice

by: kenny9312

Do you like to show that off? Would love to watch you do this.


Inflatable fun

Try to ride some usual inflatable pool toy. This technique is similar to pillow riding but inflatables are much better to feel when rubbing your body all over them and they provide much better stimulus to your clit and whole vulva. Animal shaped inflatables are the best but many other kinds work well too. Use some appropriate lube if needed. As you get used to it enough you will find yourself reaching orgasm in a matter of minutes.


Have you tried this veggie

I've always been interested as to why women don't gry an ear of corn. Of course, take all the silk off first. But an ear of corn is wide and would cause some good friction. Some are long. And they have gobs and gobs of riges with every kernel. Try that and let me know how it works cuz I want to know!



hi what's ur ym or skype?



by: iang32

kik grevesi


Female masturbation

How about doing it with me over Skype?
Add me and let's play mathieu.czar@mail.com
See ya!


Best way

by: luvtostrokeit

I would love to masterbate for you on skype


Can i please jack of you?

by: luvtostrokeit

My ... is crying for a good stroke !


Use your finger

just as your about ready to climax stick a finger in our bum hole it will finish you off real good


Double penetration

I love using a double ended dildo with some lube, feels good on both ends, brought mine from sweetsutra.com, they even have guides to help you lol

couldnt sleep without mine! x


Found a good one

by: curious1954

I must try that myself



get a clit vib my gf loves it while i fck her ass xxxxx



A clean cucumber with an apropiated size and a lubricated condom works terrific. I used it several times when I was young and couldn't buy a dildo.


The bigger they are, the wetter i get...

Yeah i like them big...it takes alot to get me wet...this is the only toy that has any affect on me http://www.foreverpleasure.co.uk/realistic/154-king-kong-vibrator.html


New masturbation trick

Hi this is komal try this trick -take lipistick cover or something like that fill it with water and keep in fridge remover after 1-2 hours when it becomes solid ice remove the cover by gently washing the cover in running water now place it inside your vagina then wear panty and tight clothing like jens over it and walk fast in public , u will feel very exciting and the change cold feel make u more aroused and u will cum soon ...... kindly reply your experience on contactkpersonaly@gmail.com plz share your experience and exchange trick u have tried plz

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