Foreign girls' names


Which name do you like best, or which one sounds best spoken in English?

Lovisa = Scandinavian variation of Louisa

Tindra = Means 'sparkle' in Swedish

Alva = Scandinavian 'fairy-like' meaning

Vendela = Norweigan, not sure on meaning

Many thanks!

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Foreign girls' names

I like the name "Vendela"




Baby name

I think Alva is beautiful name for baby



I think its a lovely name with a beautiful meaning. This one wins for me!!
Baby Alva


Alva is best

I like Alva. It has a good meaning 'fairy-like' and best in spoken.





"foreign girls' names"

I like Alva.. good name.. good luck!


Depens on where your from

If in England I like Tindra and Alva>but the norweigan is a difficult one.I really like Tindra.


Hi, i'm spanish

so i might help you with some cute spanish names for ur baby girl:

- Alba (means "the first light in the morning")
- Sofia (spanish for Sophie)
- Luna (means "moon")
- Natalia (spanish for "Natalie")
- Nerea (basque name, means "ours") - this is my lil sis's name
- Paz (means "peace")
- Tatiana
- Adriana
- Claudia
- Maria
- Rocio
- Andrea


Pretty names

I love them all, Alva is my favorite. Somthing like
Alva Christeen would be beautiful.



I have to say I like Vendela because it sounds cool but hey cool names. When i have a kid i want to name it Jasmin.


I'm from denmark

Lovisa are not used much in Denmark, more of a swedish name, I think. In Denmark we use mostly Louise.

The other names I have never heard, but then danish names are a bit different from the other scandinavian contries names.

How about:

Freja = Goddess of love

Asta = A star - or- loved by the gods



thats a lovely name for a little girl imo

I like unusual names but its so hard to find really nice 1s for boys. I have a little girl and i got hooked on Kairi (her name now!), its 1 of the best decisions i made



sounds good



in Spanish means the sun rising and it sounds beautiful in Spanish too.


What great names

My children are called: Aolani (meaning: cloud from heaven) , Xerxes Siamak (prince)(bringer of joy) and Kya Mahsa(diamond in the sky)(like the Moon), Tatjana (fairy princess)

and i'm expecting another child soon, i feel it will be a boy. Which name is the most suitable?
Zenon Bounty (living) (generosity/liberally)
Calisto (most beautiful)
devante (fighter of wrong)
Chaika Anton (life)(worthy of praise)

Thanks Jeminina x


Tindra, definately!

It's abeautiful name, and what a lovely meaning for a little girl! It will grow with her aswell. I alwyas think its funny to see babies called things like Arthur, it seems such an old name. It works vice versa I guess...


I'm from france

and my favourite girls names are :

jade (fine stone)
capucine (flower)
ambre (fine stone)
noëlie (no signafication
solenn (from Brittany)

At the present time, invented names are fashion like éléa, louana, cléa, etc... Personnaly, I don't like that.

I also detest names directly from stupid american TV serial drama as sue ellen, paméla, cindy, tracy and so on.

hoping helping you.



Haha re 'stupid american tv series'!!

by: katy276

I agree!
Solenn is my favourite from your list. I love looking at different baby names


Hey im from france i need some help

by: chantel6

hey my name is chantel and i am from Austraila i am 17 years old and i am havin a baby in 3 months (a baby girl) and i ahve been thinking if nameing her phobie-jane but you seem like you no lots of kool names i don't relly like common names. so i was womdering if you would be able to lend me hand....

cheers mate!!!!!!!!!

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