Boots ipl home laser hair removal....good?


I have read some really helpful stuff on this site about other people's experience with this machine. I think I am going to buy one, just have a couple of questions first. I would be really grateful if anyone out there can help me.

Firstly, my bikkini line is dreadful and I live in a very sunny country. Even though I am wearing very large bikkin, (like little shorts), there is still an area of hair growth just beyond the borders of where the bikkini goes to. This area is only slightly tannned, (not very dark at all), will I be able to use the machine on this area too, on the lowest setting?

Secondly, Also just read about the ant egg oil. Anybody used it in conjunction with laser? Is that possible you think?

Thanks to anyone who can help me

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Go with viss

from what i have heard and read, the boots is good, but the Viss beauty IPL unit ( www.vissbeauty.com ) used newer IPL technology, I have the viss beauty and i absolutely love it. And speaking of bikini lines, MINE IS GONE! with this machine. that was my main reason for getting it. and the price is right , and usually free shipping . Goodluck!

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