False eyelashes that have lasted me 6months, absolutely amazing !


Just wanted to rave about the amazing eyelashes i have discovered they're called Shu Uemura eyelashes, you can get them from Harvey Nichols or Selfridges, they are pricey {£12.50 for glue and £12 lashes} BUT these lashes have lasted me for 6 months !! I use them all the time and as long as you take them off before you go to bed and put them in the case that they give you, you can re use them as much as you like. Also, I dont know about anyone else but I am RUBBISH at putting flase eyelashes on myself, and shu uemura concessions are great because as long as you buy the glue and lashes from them you can ring up and make an appointment and theyll put them on for you {as well as curling and tarting up your eyes !}. There is no limit on this neither so considering I paid £25 for lashes and glue, Ive defiantly got my moneys worth in this 6months ! Also, the glue is made of all natural products so theres no burning sensation like you get sometimes when you use cheap lashes. I'll shutup now ladies xx

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Do you need to clean them?

Do you need to clean the lashes after your wear them to remove the glue so they are ready for the next time?



I like to use fake eyelashes from time to time and I've heard Shu Uemura products are high quality and always recieve positive reviews in various fashion magazines.
I personally have tried the girls aloud version (Cheryls) and they are very dramatic/long and a lot easier to apply than I would've thought, the glues works well. They are a lot cheaper.


www.purelovefashionn.blogspot. com


Thanks beverly

Thanks Beverly,
I really appreciate your endorsement and, as a crossdresser, I wear false eyelashes very often. My usual brand only last me 5-6 applications before they clump up and need replacing.
Thanks Hon,
Jennifer (Dave)



by: candyxx

I'd love to give them a go but im afraid i'll glue my eyes together lol

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