I mastubate too much


Im 22 yr old guy, my problem I mastubates too much at night everyday for years now. im affraid im might loose interest in sexual feeling with a girl. Do I have a problem?

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If you are doing everyday so I think its not a big issue. You dont need to worry about it because its common.



if you are doing it everyday...that means you are the most healthy person there...


2 options

Either cum harder when you do, or go to www.compulsionsoutions.com


They do it much more than you

Don't worry, we girls do it much more than you, but the majority of us (in the UK) won't tell you that...



i dont think its a problem cos when u meet a women you will have someone to do it for you and u will still feel horny alot of the time,its natural.

im a woman and i masterbate alot too, its nothing to worry about xxxx


Just a quick question?

Do you guys wear condoms when you masturbate? As i found a used 1 in my boyfriends bedroom and he said it was from a posh ... Is this common? thanks xxx



by: vitalik2406

First of all it is a waste of money on condoms, second, damn condom lessens the sensation. I did it it like once just to try but other than that No.


Same here dude

I don't think you have a problem. I do it all the time, almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I can't see my girl other but weekends and I still give her pleasure up to 10 times so you are fine...

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