I am depressed


can any one offer any advice with deeling with depression i dont no how to. it really effecting me so much so that i hate going out the house. i have not been out with friends since way be fore christmas. i have stopped talking with them all together we have nt fallen out i just cant face people. help please i really need some advice before i come a complete loner

help please


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Don't be depressed

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I'm sorry for you.
Do you know the Bachflowers as a solution?
If you don't know what is it, find it in a link below:

Have a nice day
Keep me informed


Zoloft (sertraline) 100 mg

I know what you are going through, I too suffer from anxiety and depression, it is a terrible feeling. Personally, I am on Zoloft (Sertraline) 100 mg. I started taking this medicine 6 months ago and it helped so much. Throughout using it I have found that it has helped me to be relieved from my severe anxiety and panic attacks, and helped me to feel comfortable day to day. Only side affects I had was the first few weeks I had migraines but I get those on a regular basis so it was pretty tolerable. Overall, sertraline has definitely worked for me and I would recommend trying it if you think it could help!
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Many blessings, creativegirl1 !


Use librium 25 mg medication to get rid of anxiety

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Positive affirmations



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A few days ago, I was Feeling down, depressed and hopeless. I had felt tried all the time. My career is despised or feel lost in life then I had taken the help of mental trainer. He has helped me. Thanks to my trainer.


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I don't know. But may be you just need to take a brake and distract yourself. Watch some movie, it helps me when i'm depressed. There is a good list of movies from depression:http://undepress.net/movies-about-depression/ Hope it will help you. My favourite one is The ... 2010.. good luck,hugs))



May be you should think about [url=http://undepress.net/antidepressants-how-do-they-work-types-choice-list-of-antidepressants/]antidepressants[/url]?


Sucks but try it

OK this will sound corny and cliché but it actually helps to get the ball rolling.
Start being thankful ... I know I know... But get thankful for the thousands of little things.
Able to talk, walk, take nice warm showers, eat fresh food, live in a peaceful country, buy food, have a roof and so on.
I know, but it actually does help a bit.


Physical activity will help

I have had suffered from the same condition. The best remedy that helped me to socialize was exercising. I was not a physically active person and not a fan of fitness, but I now understand that it is the only thing that helps me overcome depression.



Depression is really very bad situation in the life of any person. His/Her life becomes disturbed and the people get affected by depression feel uncomfortable to express anything to anyone



depression is not good for health.In life, theres always a solution to a problem.so why take a tension.always think positive.connected with the people .A good support network of colleagues, friends and family can help your work troubles .If you dont connect with people, you wont have support to turn to when you need help.

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