5 weeks pregnant and scared of miscarriage!


I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and terrified of miscarrying. This is a much wanted child and every niggle is sending me into a panic. I know what the signs of miscarriage are but cant help being paranoid even when I know nothing is wrong!! I have period pains all the time and know that this can be normal but still worry! I have turned into a complete nervous paranoid wreck:> Im very tall and very slim and have a wee pot belly already. Have any of you shown a belly at this stage? :>


dont strain yourself, sis
this doesnt do any good either for you or for your little baby that's inside
i hope time has healed that and you dont worry anymore
pregnant women must think positively
only positive vibes


Don't be

That stress is no good for the fetus, please do yourself the favor and relax. My main cause of miscarriage was stress levels, anxiety and what not. Just stop!


17 and carrying my first kid

I'm 5 weeks to and I'm scared as heck too everyone keeps telling me I'm going to have one but also tell me not to stress buy idk how not to when this is my child and I'm 17 and carrying my first kid


5 weeks pregnant

If youre a first-time mum, you may be surprised by some of the symptoms and feelings you experience when you're newly pregnant. For more info please visit http://motherhow.com/5-weeks-pregnant/




I'm 25 and pregnant with my first. I am exactly the same it's really annoying me I also have an under active thyroid gland and my recent results are shockingly bad! I've had my meds increased by 150%. I can't stop googling about it and reading horror stories about how an under active thyroid gland can harm your baby. I am really freaking out, it doesnt help i'm in Australia on a sponsorship visa and all of my family are back in the UK. I really hope this first 3 months goes quickly. I'm getting the cramping also. I have spoken to friends and apparently it's normal. I think we both need to try and relax and think positive thoughts. I'm sure we'll be fine! Big Hugs I know what your going through xxx


Also 5 weeks pregnant and already suffered one miscarriage

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my advice, I'm also 5 weeks pregnant and been suffering with cramps and pains and back ache, I had a miscarriage in July 2010 and I didn't even know I was pregnant so I didn't exactly look after myself, but now I know I am I get scared by every ache and pain! I have been suffering for few days with it now but had no bleeding of any kind, I have just spoken to a nurse on NHS direct (as I can not get in to see a doctor until at least friday)and she has assured me that it all seems to be normal that my uterus is probably just stretching, but she said if i start to get bleeding or severe pain where I cannot move or/and have difficulty breathing then go straight to A&E or emergency appointment at my doctors. Hope this helps good luck to all xxxx


I am in the same situation x

by: beth01

I am in exactly the same situation as you are. I am about 5 weeks pregnant but had a miscarraige at ten weeks in march. I also did not know that I was pregnant so I didn't look after myself. I found out I am pregnant on Monday and ever since I have been really paranoid about every ache and pain. I was so worried that I have been booked in for a scan tomorrow to ensure everything's ok,so fingers crossed, but I am terrified that this pregnancy won't last. This is the first time I am aware of pregnancy aches and pains so I don't know what is normal or dangerous and I just end up telling myself that worrying will not help the baby. It is comforting to know that I am not being silly and that someone else has similar concerns to me. I just wanted you to know that you are also not alone and I am here if you ever need to talk. Thank you for reassuring me that it is normal to feel like this. Good luck with your pregnancy. All the best x



by: candice1990

Hey, Do you know what you could do ... ring up the hospital & say your having bad pains and pretend to start crying and there tell you to come in for a quick scan ... xx


Just found out and terrified too.

Congratulations to all, I understand the desperation you feel to want a baby. I was told a while ago i may find it hard to fall pregnant. So when i did last oct i was delighted.. ..i went full steam ahead, had a scan at 8 weeks and all was okay. Then on my 12 week scan there was no heartbeat. I was devestated and longed to be pregnant again. That was the start of December, now after trying frantically again, i found out 2 days ago i am 5 weeks gone. I am happy but utterly terrified that I will lose another baby, i think i am trying no to let myself feel anything so that if something goes wrong it wont feel as bad.
I keep getting aches but dont know whats normal and what isnt.
Has anyone else been gettin an ache in their stomach? I wouldnt say it was crampy, just a dull ache.
Am terrified that i may have lost the baby and not even know, as thats what happened before.

Its a shame such a happy time can be so marked with worry


Same postion

by: jadey89

I was pregnant 3 year ago and sufffered a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks, i have never been able to fall again untill 5 weeks ago im soo happpy but im filled with worrry, am wishin the first 14 weeks away to just feel abit better and not worry as much.
I also get niggly pains and aches in my lower stomach but im just tryin to remember my body is changing, am sure these aches are perfecty normal and a hope you dont worry as much.
Theres loads of us out there totally unsure of what to expect and everyones guna expeirience things differently and thats giving me a little bit of comfort knowing am not the only one lol... Good luck with the pregnancy x


Baby steps

by: lesley822

I wrote a message just there, also wanted to say that i think a good way off coping is too break the pregnancy down into small milestones. As I am 5 weeks, and alot of you seem to be too. 12 weeks seems so far away, never mind 9 month!!!! I was advised this and it seems to calm me a bit....am just taking things at at time, at the moment i am only looking to my antenatal in 2 weeks, then my early scan 2 weeks after. Am trying not to think of the bigger picture and that helps.



Hi I'm 5 weeks pregnant and about 3 days ago I had some bleeding and one clot. I rushed off to a and e and by the time I got there the bleeding had stopped. I got examined but they did no ultrasound instead they booked me in to have one a week fro
now. They lady said some bleeding is normal. My boobs aren't as heavy or sore but they ache alot and so does mu belly but it's not painful. I keep gettig slight cramp like twinges on both sides and I'm very worried. There not painful but I can feel them. Yesterday I started getting browny disscharge mostly when I wiped. There's some spotting on the pads I'm wearing but I'm still very worried something not quite right. Has anyone had anything like this and went on to have a healthy baby?! Or is anyone having similar symptoms? Please help I'm scared of loosing my baby!!
Kobie xx



by: raylay1

HI, i know you posted this many years ago, but i was wondering if you could tell me what the outcome of your situation was. I am in the same situation right now and very concerned.

please let me know

thank you for your time



Hi all

I was really shocked to see so many replies to this thread, there are alot of you out there who are five weeks pregnant! Congratulations to you all!!!!

I would like to say to all of you that if you are worried about miscarriage the early pregnancy unit at your local hospital should be able to help you, especially if you have already had a miscarriage. You need to be referred by your GP but once you have been you can phone them at any time for advice. I used this service through my three miscarriages and foound them a true lifeline!!
They can scan you at six weeks to look for a heart beat but any ealier than this and they will not be able to see anything, If you have an early scan and they can see the pregnancy sac but not a heartbeat they will invite you back either a week or two weeks later.

I hope this information helps and remember if your GP dismisses your fears find another one who will listen!!!

Fingers crossed for all of you



So shocked and scared!

Hello, I just found yesterday that I am 4 weeks pregnant and my husband and I couldn't be more shocked as we have been married for almost four years but have been trying for a baby for 10 years to no avail!!! As I had an abortion when I was 16 I was always pretty secure in the fact that it wasn't me but as I'm now 30 and he's 32 we realised it was time to seriously investigate as to what the problem was. We moved cities 3 months ago as my husband got a new job and I just busied myself with the new house and our two cats- but it looks like some sort of miracle happened as my period was two weeks late (I am a 28 dayer always) and as I just wanted to rule out any other possibilities just decided to buy a test...which was positive and so was the next one Now as we're trying to get our heads round this I can feel the tension building inside me as I'm so scared that it could all go wrong and we would have lost a chance after 10 years of hoping. I know how important positive thinking is and I am a firm believer in what is meant-to-be-will-be but the anxiety and fear feels far bigger and realer then the idea that I'm actually pregnant. My husband is sooooo excited that I feel like I'm constantly bringing him down with reality checks but I can't help it, I am terrified


5 weeks pregnant and scared of miscarriage

Hi Mumobe1
I am now about 5 weeks pregnant. I wont be going for a dating scan for another two weeks, so I'm very anxious. I have been feeling twinges in my lower stomach and a bit of spotting. I've read that this is all pretty normal, but it still scares me a bit. I'm terrified of miscarriage. This is our first and we've been trying for 7 months. Can't wait to reach 12 weeks and then be able to relax more.
My stomach has already grown too


I'm 5 wks and feel the same!

I'm so glad i found wot u'd written this as i'm excatly the same!! from 5wks pregnant to tall & slim.
my husband and i have been trying for a little while so now i'm pregnant the idea of losing it scares the hell out of me. I keep feeling achy low down and have slight period pains. Everytime i go to the toilet i'm scare i'll be bleeding. I want to enjoy being pregnant so much and now i feel like a paranoid loon!


You'll know

Believe you me you will know if you have a miscarriage! Try not to think about it and just enjoy the whole experience..... with big belly


5 weeks pregnant with fibroid scared of miscarriage!!

I went in for an operation yesterday to remove a fibroid apparently the size of a melon only to be told I am 5 weeks pregnant, I am over the moon because I was told after removing the fibroid could result in me being unable to have children, I have read up to find out what's happening but I am so scared of miscarriage! The Doctor has confirmed I can still carry with a fibroid so I am just keeping my fingers crossed!! Congratulations to you all.


5 weeks pregnant and scared of miscarriage too!

i am too 5 weeks pregnant and scared of miscarriage! my first pregnancy! im having period pains i know its normal but i still worry! i havnt been showing yet though! really frightened x

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