Going through a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks!!


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share what has happened (is happening) to me. I found out that i was pregnant the day i missed my period! for one week afer i was sick all day had sore breasts and was so tired! then suddenly the symptoms disappeared just a bit of tenderness to the breasts was left, all my friends told me not to worry and that i was lucky not to have the sickness etc.. but i was worried from this point on. At 7 weeks (last week) i began to notice a pinkiness to the excessive discharge i had already experienced. Concerned i made an appt to see the doctor who was not overly concerned but referred me to the EPAU for a scan 2 days later.

The pinkiness came and went but the night before i was due for the scan the pinkiness turned to bleeding still fairly light, went to A&E who couldnt do anything and told me to wait for my scan in the morning. Went for my scan on monday (2days ago) and was told even though i was supposed to be 8 weeks the scan was showing a pregnancy of 4/5 weeks which could indicate my dates were wrong or an early pregnancy failure.

Unfortunately i knew my datew were accurate and went home in tears and was told to come back in 10 days for a repeat scan. since then i have begun to bleed heavily with clots and the odd cramping pains and even passed what looks like a sac!!!.

I now just want this nightmare to end so we can pick ourselves up and try again.!!!


Words of wisdom

Hello Ladies, I am quite young for this to have happened and it is something I have not figured out how to deal with quite yet. I found out that I was pregnant in the end of June of last year. I had been pregnant for almost two months at that point. I was immature and stupid. I had skipped my period quite a few times at that point, was vomiting every other morning and just assumed it was stress or the stomach clue. I was a student and was working full time. Not even a week later I began suffering severe cramps and the vomiting continued. It took all the effort I had to move from my bedroom to the bathroom and I knew what had just happened. I have an iron deficiency boarding anemia. A few months later I met my current boyfriend whom I intend to marry. My fear is that I won't be able to have kids. Any words of advice or wisdom would help.


I just had a miscarriage

Hi. I just had a miscarriage on Sunday night. I still feel pregnant. I have been having cramps that are really bad. I feel like a part of me is died and like I failed as a woman. I am my husband second wife. His ex wife lost 4 baby boys. She made herself loss the babys. My husband has three daughter but don't see them. He was a son so bad. I feel so bad that we lost our baby . we thought I was 8 weeks but it looks like we miss counted. I don't feel like a whole woman. Last night I felt like I wanted to just die myself. I'm 42 years old and this was my first pregnancy. I feel like my husband doesn't care about me and it hurts.


My miscarriage at 8 weeks

Hi just wanted to share my experience. I'm going through a miscarriage right now. I just lost my baby on Valentine's night at 8 weeks. This is my 3rd miscarriage. I have a 5 year old who was delivered healthy by c section. I started to spot Friday and went to the hospital and after routine test i was told my cervix was still closed and not to worry. By Sunday i began to experience cramping and heavy bleeding. I knew then something was wrong. I went back to the hospital and was told i was miscarrying. My blood levels which started out in the 8000 is now down in the 2000. I have to go back Friday to have it checked again. Physically I'm healing but my emotions are all over the place having to deal with yet another miscarriage.


My miscarriage at 8 weeks 4 days

Thanks so much everyone for sharing your stories - it made going through this experience a lot easier and I had a good idea of what to expect. I thought I would share my story as well..

I had an unplanned pregnancy but was very excited and felt very attached to the little baby growing inside of me.
I had planned to go to the doctors after I was at 10 weeks as then I would I be able to have an ultra sound as well.
However at 8 weeks and 4 days I noticed light cramping like period pain and brown spotting. I had also been very moody like I usually am right before my period. I knew straight away that it was going to be a miscarraige as I no longer had any pregnancy symptoms and hadn't for the last week (I just thought I was lucky!) I took a pregancy test that night and it was negative so I was surpised to see that my hormone levels droppped so quickly! I thought the baby must have passed away at least 2 weeks ago to be able to get a neg preg test this soon. I took another in the morning and there was a very faint positive line.
For the next two and a half weeks I bleed on and off sometimes bright red with small clots and other times it was just light brown spotting. It then started to taper off and I thought the miscarraige was over and that I must have only been 5 or 6 weeks when baby passed as I did not see an embryo or sac etc.
A couple of days later I woke up in the night with really bad period pain and very heavy bleeding. I was up most of the night. The bleeding remained steady all of the next day and the next night the pain was really bad. I kept waking up with the worst cramping I have ever had - I could not lie still. On a scale of 1-10 for pain it was about an 8 for me. I was up and down to the toilet with large blood clots coming out. The pain was almost unbearable and then all of a sudden I felt like I needed to push and a golf ball size tissue and mucous came out (I'm guessing this was the mucous plug) about 2 minutes later the baby came out. It was still in the sac but the sac was deflated. It looked like the pictures on the baby development sites of a 7 or 8 weeks old baby. I could see it's arm with its teeny tiny fingers. I wanted to keep it and bury it maybe but we only rent our house and were moving soon so I felt wierd about burying it here so I ended up flushing it
For the next week the bleeding continued like a normal period and I decided to enter a horse show for the following weekend seeing as the bleeding was now manageable - BAD IDEA! The bleeding was very very heavy over the weekend and while at my horse show I was constantly back and forth changing pads. Everytime I would sit on the toilet heaps of blood would come out. This paired with having to wear white pants was not a fun time. I didn't have any blood come through onto my riding pants thank god but I was very paranoid that's for sure. The bleeding got lighter again over the next two days and finally slowed and stopped. My miscarraige took 1 month and 1 week all up from start to finish.
I was very glad I choose to miscarry naturally. At first I was kind of scared to see the actual baby and I thought it would be traumatising but once it finally came out I was more curious and I acutally wanted to see it - my hormones were up and down and I was very tearful throughout and I found it really hard to see babies or see pregnancy pics from friends on facebook - I would burst into tears when I saw them. Around 2 weeks after it all I felt a lot better emotionally and physically. It took a month and a half to get my next period but while waiting for my next period my horomones were all over the place. I got acne over my face, chest and back and have never had acne once in my life. I also got a lot of headaches. When I finally did get my period it came with no warning whatsoever - no PMS or anything. Since it was not a planned pregnancy I don't think I will TTC any time soon but I think I would like to try in another year so fingers crossed I can have a successful pregnancy next time around!



by: princesss192

Hi . My name is Morgan I'm 19 I think I'm pregnant actually I'm kind if positive that I am I think in about 7 or 8 weeks . This is an unplanned pregnancy. I feel kicks and flutters . I have a child already so when you've already had previous children you feel everything faster with your second pregnancy. I wanna have a natural miscarriage but I don't know what's any affective ways too do that . Can you help ? I read in your story that you had an natural miscarriage please


My miscarriage

I found out I was pregnant wed just last and had a miscarriage the next day I don't know why that was my 3rd time getting pregnant and first time having one I went to the bathroom and that's when I seen the baby went to the emergency room and that's when thy confirmed what I seen was the baby cuz they did an ultrasound and didn't detect no gestation(baby) I was only 4-5 weeks bcuz I had just notice I missed my period but anyway I wasn't hurting I wasn't bleeding it just happen and now after it happen I don't see no blood till I go to the bathroom and do #2 I guess bcuz I be straining is this normal have anybody else went thru this? Dis is very stressing I wake up In the middle of the night crying dreaming bout my baby I just want to be able to get thru this is there something I can do?


Almost snap

I've had a very similar experience - my second scan at the EPAU is tomorrow but there's no doubt whatsoever as I've bled heavily this last week since the first scan and passed what looked like the sac this morning. It's horrible. I didn't even want to be pregnant in the first place - but I'd come round and got excited about it. My partner who wanted a baby was the opposite - having wanted the baby then thrown me and it out at 6 weeks. I must confess I didn't expect there to be so much pain with a miscarriage.

Now it's not possible to try again even - and at 42 it looks like I have to readapt to the idea of never having children. You tell yourself there must have been something very wrong (mine didn't develop a heart) and it's lucky the foetus didn't grow even more before it died. There's also a lack of sympathy as my now ex partner (still not sure why on that score) won't speak to me, and my mother who I'm staying with is pleased as she'd wanted me to abort it - and saying I hope you think it was worth it as I cramped over with the pain. Life's cruel and I'll miss my little one I would have cherished forever.

So I wish you all the luck in the world when this is over in trying again - and there's no reason to suspect it won't be a keeper next time. I very much hope it is.



it's sad so sorry about that maybe we talk in private


Had a miscarriage

I posted on here on 17th january to say that i had to go back to the hospital to have another scan done i went back and they told me that the baby hadn't grown at all since i had last been up there which was a week before, they said there was nothing they could do and i would end up having a miscarriage, on 25th january i miscarried me and my partner have been ttc for a baby since february nothing yet but will keep everyone updated so fingers crossed xx


Broken my miscarriage and survival

http://miscarriagesurvival.wordpress. com/
"This blog was written by a woman of multiple miscarriages. The vision of a letter written by God addressed to one of His children, a mother grieving her children." PLEASE PASS ON AND/OR SHARE to all those currently broken by miscarriage and those who survived!

May this blog bless you. Thank you each and everyone of you for sharing your story. We all have a story... this just happens to be too many of ours. You are not alone. Lots of Love. XoXo


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Google - sorry but...

I just created an account her so I could warn you that this whole thread is linked via google. I'm really sorry for what you're all going through so thought you'd probably rather know this was being shared outwith this website.

I Googled miscarriage 7 weeks correct procedure and this thread was the 8th result on the list :https://www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&gs_nf=1&cp=37&gs_id=2&xhr=t&q=miscarriage+7+weeks+correct+pr ocedure&pf=p&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&oq=miscarriage+7+weeks+correct+pr ocedure&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=372b3dbdf874a0c8&biw=1360&bih=677


7 weeks probable natural miscarriage

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I am not sure if my story will help or not but I feel like I need to tell it.

I have had three miscarriages. The first in 2006 when I was 11 weeks pregnant with twins. I wiped one morning and there was blood. I rushed to the hospital to be told hours later by a very rude nurse, my babies had died. About a year later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I had troubles bonding during the pregnancy. I was just sure one day I was going to wake up and she would be dead so I didn't want to get attached. Same thing for my husband. My daughter is a true blessing. 4 months after she was born I underwent surgery to remove part of my ovary due to a cyst. I had already lost my left ovary and Fallopian tube. Now I lost 1/2 of my right ovary. a year later I got pregnant again and had another miscarriage at 9 weeks. A couple months later another miscarriage at 8 weeks. Then I got pregnant again and had my younger daughter in October of 09. After that doctors did some tests and said my uterus was damaged and I would not likely be able to get pregnant again. Well on April 10th I found out I was pregnant again. I was ecstatic. I felt like it was a miracle and God had a plan for this baby. I was 5 weeks along. I ate healthy, took my vitamins, exercised daily. I did everything you are "supposed to do" I had a strange peace about this pregnancy and even told my friends and family which I normally don't do until i'm past the "safe" mark, for good reason. I felt like I was going to carry this one all the way through and even named him even though I didn't for sure know it was a him! Malachi Nicholas. It was a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. On April 22nd I got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went the bathroom. When I wiped my heart stopped. I looked at the tissue, which is habit for me when I am pregnant, and there was light brown discharge on it. "No No No!!!! This can't be happening" i thought to myself. "Please don't let this happen to me Jesus. Please" I begged. I tried to calm myself down. "Spotting is normal at 7 weeks. It's totally normal relax" There was no use I knew deep down that even though it was normal for some people it was not normal for me. It was a death sentence. I knew my baby had died. I tried to calm down but there was no reasoning. I started to cry. Quiet at first but then I couldn't contain myself. My husband heard me crying and came in. It took me a while to get the words out, "i'm bleeding." my husband tried to tell me what i tried to tell myself. It's normal it will be alright. I think he believed it more than i did. I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day I was still spotting but it was still brown and I started to feel hopeful. I laid low all day. Felt like crap all day tuesday. Put myself on bedrest. I was having moderate cramps and still spotting pink. Wednesday I woke up feeling much better and very little spotting. I read up about miscarriages and saw that exercise would not effect it negatively. So I played softball and had a great time. Got home and the bleeding was worse. Cramps got worse that night. This morning I woke up and passed a clot about the size of a quarter. All hope that I had got flushed. all day I have had cramps and increased spotting. I say "probably miscarriage" because because I have yet to start bleeding like a period. I wish my body would just make up it's mind and either stop bleeding or just get it over with. I can't stand this limbo crap. I already feel like my baby has died. I already feel like part of me has died. I don't know how to move on from this one.

It is possible to move on and try again though. I have done it three times. If i didn't, i wouldn't have my two beautiful daughters. It is so very hard. the twins rocked my world and if I were you I would come up with some clever way to mourn them. I wish I could have had something to bury or plant a cool tree but I rented. I don't believe in tatoos. I don't know what to do to mourn my beautiful babies that I never met. I would do something though. Let yourself cry as often as you need. Think about your baby often. If you don't fully process this, your going to go through hell when you get pregnant again. Draw close to the Lord and pray for strength and grace. Explain to your husband how much you need him through this. Good luck I will pray for you.



hello im new to this, i found out i was pregnant around 5 weeks, i started having brown spotting so i rang my gp who sent to the early pregnancy clinic where they did a scan but because i was to early they couldnt see a heartbeat and was told to come back 10 days later but 3 days before i was meant to come back i had a gush of red blood so got sent there again they scanned me to tell me that my baby was 6 weeks 5 days normal heartbeat and measuring the right size, so i went the next 4 weeks with no bleeding no cramping nothing! untill a few days ago when i started getting the brown discharge well i didnt think nothing of it as i was told it was normal for my heart shaped womb! but then i had red blood so i rang my midwife who told me to have a scan and an injection because i was "A negative blood group" so i went back to the clinic went in for my scan and she was taking ages i knew straight away that something was wrong because i 12 weeks the next day and i couldnt see nothing, my parnter looks at me with a smile and said its there, but then the women turned and said that she couldnt find a heart beat and it hasnt grown since 8 weeks! i just cant believe its been 4 weeks and nothing happend in that time. she toke us to this room where a midwife come in (the one who told me last time that it was common to bleed with my womb how wrong!) and asked me what i wanted to do either go home and miscarry or have surgery, well im 20 this is my first pregnacy im only 4ft 11 and ive heared all kinds of storys about women not being able to move bleeding uncontrolably and that just wasnt an option for me so i said i wanted the surgery. she went out the room only to return and say that they cant do the surgery untill 2 WEEKS TIME. but she might be able to "fit me in" on tuesday and will ring monday. to me this is completely unacceptable im bleeding already with cramping, but i am so terifed of whats going to happen i havnt been told anything all i seen and heared is how its only to be VERY painful and ALOT of blood. she went on to scare me a bit more by saying because your tiny and u lose quite alot of blood its likly your going to faint and go into shock if that happens ring an ambulance?! seriously. i just lost my baby and i feel so upset that its been inside me for 4 weeks not knowing it had died and i really just wanted it over with by having something i wanted like the surgery is that so much to ask for but she knows and it will happen before then im so scared of what is going to happen what im going to feel or see, so what can i expect?



I've had exactly the same problem went for a scan last week they asked me how far gone i was i said eight weeks, they said the baby looks too small for me to be eight weeks for the size of it i should be about six weeks gone (this was last thursday so i'm either 9 or 7 weeks gone this week) got to go back for another scan on thursday (in 2 days) so hopefully everythings ok, you never know people do have small babies


So sorry

hi, i understand what u are going through.
last week i had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. when i found out i was pregnant i did not have a clue what to do. im 22 but in university with no money. i had decided to go for a counselling session to see what choices i had. i never got round to the counselling (even though i decided a couple weeks before to keep the baby). i started having brown spotting and i went to the doctor the next day and she didnt even examine me or seem to concerned. later that night i had a miscarriage. very heavy bleeding and clotting. was one of the worst experiences ive ever been through. i had to tell my parents who had no idea i was even pregnant. the worst thing was i think i saw the feotus in my sanitary towel, a blob about 2.4 inches long with two arms and fingers. that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
ive decided to see my university councillor as i think i may still be struggling to get over it. =[
maybe seeing a councillor will help you get through this hard time? first you need to grieve for your loss and then when you have done that approx 3 months later try again? do not rush into it, make sure ur body recovers.however, i wish all the best for you.x


So sorry to hear of your loss

i'm really sorry to hear that, i went through exactly the same at weeks with pinkish discharge to begin with and then really heavy blood with clots. and the pain was unbearable. i am still bleeding a little now.


Here is one u dnt hear every day

found out i was pregnant in the third wk of october...i didnt have any symtoms whatsoever....none..nada...i found out because me and my husband has been trying...after my first mis period i took the test n it said positive..we were sooo happy...we came up names frm the start<chelsea...or alejandro > i joined the clinic went to parenting classes n all that...wen it as time for my checkup <at 6wks> we found out it was jus an empty sac..n it was growing<was told the sac stil gros> i almst died en i found out..i was in disbelief...so i did the ultra sound 5 time...waited 2 wks n did it again....it was true n the next day i set the appointmen to do the DnC...i as told to buy 6 Cytotec<to induce labour> they inserted 2 at first in the morning..so we waited n waited no pain so they inserted the remaining 4...no pain no anything..i went that entire day without eating..no pain no anything...so then nexy day they inserted 6 mre cytotec...nothing! n they 6 mre cytotec!!!! nothing!!!!!!!!!! i as in there for a wk..n didnt eat for 72 hrs....i had 6 doctor..all stun n didnt kno what to do....in fear of me getting a heart attack they didnt wanted to insert anymre....yes they were inserted correctly...n all of them dissolved...cevic stil shut close tight..they ait a day n then inserted two mre<by this time my entire community were praying for me> i aited 6 hrs n the started to pray..4 hrs later i felt sme minor pain like a lil prick...it as my cervix dialating....it had opened up 6 cm... no major pain...i then went to do the DnC...we it as over i didnt feel anything completely normal! no headaches or aany side affect..wen i woke up frm the operation i wlk str8 to my husban feeeling normal....

i ish i hav aited for it to happen naturally.....

no im having headaches..severe ones.... do u think that taking 20 cytotec my hav affected me health wise...worried



hi im going frow the same think i was 20 weeks pregnant and when i when for my scan i was 9 weeks im finding it so hard at the moment to talk to any one about it i was holding my dead baby when it come out of me i have one child at the moment but i would like to have more but im just so scared it will happen again i feel like i just wanna cry all the time im trying to be strong for my family i now loads of girls go frow it to i cope ur ok and u have a baby one day good luck i would like to talk to you more


Miscarriage at 8 wks

this happened to me but my baby had died at about 7-8 weeks and was not found until my 12 week scan,my pregnancy symptoms faded but i had no bleeding and no idea anything was wrong.i had a natural miscarriage few days later and am trying again but the whole way in which i found out has left me traumatized and aftercare from nhs for us women who experience pregnancy loss is rubbish,when the miscarriage is complete thats it as far as they are concerned and we are left to come to terms with our loss without help guidance and information.i saw a private consultant last week and it was expensive but worth every penny,its only since having my questions answered that i feel ready to move on good luck just remember it wasnt your fault and hopefully we will both be pregnant again soon

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