I havent had a period since my misacrriage which was 15 weeks ago


hi all..im new to this whole forum thing so would appreciate any help or feedback any of you can give me. il start from the beginning..last october i come off the contraceptive pill..it took a couple months for me to get a period (middle of january) before i got this period i went to the docs to make sure i was ok and she said yeah im fine..then got the period...after this i was waiting for my next one in february..i started bleeding on friday 25th feb which i thought was my next period..but on sunday 27th i miscarried completely..i was absolutely devastated cause i had no idea i was pregnant..i was about 5 weeks gone..i had a scan and everything was normal (as it could be) but they found a little cyst on my right ovary which im not too worried about cause i know loads of women get them..i bled for 2 weeks after and it stopped the day after my birthday, 13th march. i havent had a period since my miscarriage this is 13 weeks now..ive made an appointment to see the doctor on friday but i was wondering if anyone else had had this experience or anything similar?? thank you for taking the timeto read this if u have..i know i blabbed a bit!! xox

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10 weeks after miscarriage & finally got period


I just thought I'd reply to your post. I suffered a miscarriage the beginning of January I should have been 7 weeks but they said I had a blighted ovum. I was told to carry in as normal as years ago we would have just thought it was a late period and thought nothing else of it, that it's only because of the early home pregnancy tests we know any different. I had been back and fourth to the doctors 4 times asking them when is my period going to arrive and could they do any tests to make sure everything was fine. They told me go home and just be patient, that it could take 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 5 months and I was even told to go back onto the pill for three months to kick start my body - which to me totally defeats the object of wanting to be pregnant. Well needless to say I didn't listen and Saturday gone my period finally showed its head I've never been so happy to see it. Ok I'd rather be pregnant but at least I know now that once it's finished I can carry on baby making. I know if I am lucky enough to conceive this month the baby would be due around 24th December but who cares if thats whats meant to be thats whats meant to be so to speak. All I can say is hang on in there it will arrive and it will feel like a huge weight has been lifted the only thing now with me is I'm waiting for it to stop lol (us girls are never happy) - oh and it's been going for 5 days now and I usually only last 3 days (what can I expect 72 days without a period).

Baby dust to all I will keep you up to date. xxxxx



I would go and see you doctor, as it should take no longer than 3 months at the most. There may be some tissue left inside and that prevents the period from coming. You may need the D&C operation.

Hugs to you


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