Miscarriage at 5 weeks: can anyone help please?


hi, I am new here and need some piece of advice, if anyone has been there before.
i had a misarriage at 5 weeks, three days ago, with some pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding.
The doctor says that, as it happened so early, I should just regard the whole event as a "normal" period. However, the bleeding was much less than a normal period, as it was the abdomen ache, that it usually is very heavy for me during my period. Instead, I only hade a few minutes ache and much less bleeding than a normal period.
My brest is still tense, although less than before the miscarriage event.
The bleeding is now over, and I am a bit confused. Could I still be pregnant?
Is there anything I should do to make sure the womb is now "clean" and to avoid any problems in the future?
Has anyone have similar experience with miscarriage at that early stage of the pregnancy?:
Many thanks for your help,



Hi Antoxx,

If the miscarriage was incomplete (if there are fetal tissues left in your uterus) your bleeding would be heavier and is unlikely to stop. That was what happened to me when I lost my baby at 8 weeks. I had severe bleeding that would not stop. I ended up in an emergency D&C.

So if you are not bleeding anymore, and you are not feeling anything unusual, you should be ok. Have an ultrasound to make sure that your womb is clean


I also miscarried at 5 weeks

I too just had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. My hcg levels were low low low. Like 26-40 and barely rising. I went to the hospital for abdominal pain one morning and started bleeding while in the emergency room. They did a pelvic exam and a ultrasound and i was told I was miscarrying and it would just be like a bad period. It was absolutely terrible. I never thought I could be so upset about losing something that barely even existed. Within about the first week of conceiving I got a bad bout of the flu and had a fever for a few days. I don't know if It was something wrong with the baby or me or just the fever and being sick that caused this. I am so terrified that there is something wrong with me and that this will happen again. DH and I are planning on trying again after 1 period and I'm so scared. This has been so hard I don't know if I could possibly go through it again. I don't know if I could handle it. I know we just need to try again but this is so hard.


Simular experience

Hello i had a miss carriage it finished 2 weeks ago and went on for 2 weeks. The weird thing is people make it sound terrible, but i had worse pain in back and stomach, it went on for 2 weeks but was very much lighter, i only used a panty liner the whole way through. I feel its not cleared out but had a blood said that said negative ehich means its complete, so i can carry on as normal. Apart from the fact it went on for 2 weeks and was lighter i would of said was a period. been 2 weeks now sinse bleeding stopped, and iv started again today so dont know if this s period or what. So confussed dont know whats going on with my body.


I'm so sorry to hear...


I know exactly what you're going through. My fiance and I were planning to have a baby, and I was pregnant on the first try. I went into the doctor at 5 weeks because I was experiencing some light bleeding. so after a urine sample, blood work, and a vaginal ultrasound the doc had told me that my levels were where they were supposed to be and my baby was in fact in my uterus and it was just implantation bleeding. I left the hospital relieved and excited and even started picking out baby names. A few days ago, i started getting excruciating cramps and heavy bleeding, that was when i knew something was wrong. i also started getting clots and then i looked down into the toilet and seen a tiny little sack the size of my thumbnail, at that moment i knew what it was... so back to the emergency room i went, and i had to follow up on blood work and another urine sample. sure enough, my levels had dropped and i had miscarried. the doctor had told me to think of it as a late period, but i can't after i had seen the tiny sack in the toilet. My fiance and i are grieving but i am so thankful he is staying strong for me at such a hard time as this was my first pregnancy. I'm scared to try again because i know i couldn't go through all this pain again... but the most important thing is you can't blame yourself, and miscarriages are very common. Time heals all, and you have to take time to grieve. Talk about it and let it all out! It's comforting to have other women talk about similar experiences because it's been an extremely painful past couple days. my condolences to the women on here, I now know how hard it is to lose an unborn baby...




I had Mis at 5 wks in Feb on a Monday it was awful i felt the whole thing come away from me, i went to my doc on the Mon & he said it would show on the test that i was still preg untill that Fri so i had to wait untill then for him to test me again to show that it was gone, he was brill & told me what to expect lot of heavy bleading, clotting, cramping, the bleeding slowed down about 9 days later. i was told it would take 2 mths for my body to get back to normal & a few people had told me that to. im 41 yrs old & ive got my 28 day cycle back this month.hope this helps good luck with everything.


5 weeks and 4 day pregnant with alot of back pain

im 5 weeks and 4 day pregnant and have alot of backpain can somebody plz help me out??


Lots of back ache

by: deniseg9

when you fall you ahve a burst of progesterrone and that goes to the back sometimes. Its normal, if you get any bleeding at all or clotting go straight to hospital they will scan you and ensure you all is ok. The reason i know this is my friend is going through the same thing she 5 weeks and we saw thw heart beat and everything is still fine she is 9 weeks now.


I miscarried yesterday at 5 weeks too

i too was at 5 weeks this was my first pregnancy and we had only being trying for one month i did think it was too good to be true! it started yesterday with light bleeding and then the cramps started and they were continuous lasting all day into the evening, the bleeding also started to get heavier, i went to the hospital yesterday and they prepared me for the worst and asked me to come back this morning they did a scan and i was asked to do a urine sample, the scan showed that there was nothing in my womb and the they did another preg test which showed negitive so i no longer am pregnant, you need to do a test and if it is still positive this could mean that there could still be excess lining that has not come out yet but i read on a site that some women will naturally pass this. if it is negitive then the misscarrige is complete. its very hard to deal with and u do feel greif but i have researced this and eary miscarrigdes are so common and it doesnt mean you will not get pregnant again, the midwife yesterday advised me to wait and have 2 normal periods before trying again.
i hoped i have helped
and stay positve it just wasnt ment to be this time.


Miscarriage in feb

by: angela28103

i was 5 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage in feb, and for 2 months i have been terrified to even think about tryin again, as i don't want it to happen again. I had no idea that this was so common to happen at an early stage. The thing that upset me the most is I have 3 kids, and all of them were fine, and normal births, but then the relationship with there father ended, and a few yrs later i met my husband, and we decided after our wedding we would start tryin for a baby, then we had the miscarriage, and he is more than happy to start tryin again, but I have this constant worry that it will happen again. But your right, it is hard.
I am scared, and I am sure we will try again, but you were right, staying positive helps, and that it wasn't meant to be this time.
Thank you



i am going through a miscarriage the now at 5 weeks and was told to make sure it was a miscarriage and that there is no other baby ie twin still there or anything left in, u should do a pregnancy test in a few days to make sure, if negitive result then yes its been a full miscarriage and if positive then get right back to you doc to check u, incase u need a d and c, or there is still a baby, they might scan u to check for this, as am going through the same thing the now i would say am really sorry for u


Same thing


i miscarried at 4-5 weeks on 24th august after only knowing for a week that i was pregnant. i had bad cramps and spotting and was sent to early pregnancy unit. because i was so early, they did an internal scan and blood tests. 2 days later i went for further blood tests and was told later that day the the pregnancy was not ongoing. we still hoped that i was still pregnant as i felt the same, but a little less pain in tummy and breasts. i started bleeding a couple of days later and like you, was lighter than normal. my doctor was v good and told me that i needed time to mentally come to terms with it even at that early stage.

we were told to wait for 1 period before trying again cause it's easier to date another pregnancy and my period woud arrive between 4-8 weeks but we couldn't wait. i've just has my 1st post mc period, at 5 weeks. i was hoping that i would get pregnant immediately but now i realise that i needed this one to clear out any old tissue as i have bled v heavily and v painfully.

i can only say that i know pregnancy immediately after mc was not for me and my body was not ready for it. i hope this is of some help to you, and keep positive - it's hard but eventually you will get better


It is hard

by: antoc28


thanks for yoy reply, it really helps to know that I am not alone!

My doctor hasn't been anything as good as yours, and simply said "just think you have a period". I was devastated and still struggle to get to terms with it.
I have only found out about early pregnancy units on the web, as I am not english (am Italian and moved to the UK last year) I find it hard to get to know the English Health System.
How do you get to access the Early Pegnancy Unit? Do you have to be referred by your doctor? I keep thinking that I could have avoided to have the miscarriage if I was better cared for. But maybe I am just trying to blame someone or something for what happened.

I think I will wait before I try for pregnancy again.
Frankly I don't feel like trying right now, it's as if I don't want to take the risk of it happening again.
I guess I only need some time to get over it.

Many thanks again for sharing your experience, it really helps.

good luck,




by: snuffles1

don't give up so soon. that's what my husband said to me last week when i said i didn't know if we'd get pregnant again. i'm more positive now that i've had my period and am going to start again now. i had a little dark brown blood and went to my doctor and while she said it was common, she rang the early pregnancy unit and i was seen within 2 hours! i'm 38 and because of my age they wanted too see me. i had the probe and a urine test which was positive and was told to ring at any time and come back 48 hrs later for further bloods on thurs. thurs night i was rung with the news that my levels had gone down but they wanted to see me again on sat for an0other blood test because they thought it was ectopic. thankfully it wasn't. however, you should be able to go straight to your nearest ubit anytime and i know if i'm lucky again, i will be straight up there if i'm worried about anything!

there's nothing at all you can do if you are going to mc.no doctor or unit can stop it once yur body has started unfortuneately. i was so early in pregnancy that everryone was shocked that i even knew and the sac hadn't even formed! and i got attention just hours into me thinking something was wrong. i did have v bad cramps for the previous 3-4 days and was wonderibg if that's what you should be feeling.

since, i've just been told that everyone'd different and nobody can explain why it happened.
i'm sorry i'm not much help but keep thinking positive. after all, you know you can get pregnant and that's something many couples struggle with.

keep in touch though.




by: antoc28

Thank you so much for your words and your time.
If anything positive came from this, it's that I got to know this discusison board, it may sound stupid but sharing your feeling with other people who have similar experiences helps a lot.

Good luck with everything, and keep in touch!


PS Im'm 37: do I qualify?


Hiya again

by: snuffles1


hope you have got over everything. just a quick note to give you some hope - i am now 6 wk pregnant and all going well so far. all feels so different from before. i

t took 9 months after mc to get pregnant, but i gave up trying. was told i prob have a large cyst on my ovary in March and have been referred to gynea for investigation and in the meantime i've got pregnant. j

ust thought to tell you this and give hope to all readers who are struggling to understand why mc happens, that a 38 yr old, with possible cysts, now an ex-smoker and ex social drinker can get pregnant the very month she stops trying!!!!!!!
good luck



Hi hun,

sorry to hear your sad news and sorry your doc has left you feeling confused, they tend not to be very good at explaining things properly sometimes. My first m/c happened at about 4 weeks and as I recall i didn't have much bleeding either, bear in mind it can take a couple of periods afterwards for things to get back to normal and you might find your next one is heavier than normal. The only real way to know if everything has come away is to have a scan but if your doc hasn't offered you one already it's unlikely they will now unless you develop signs of an infection. Keep an eye out for any unpleasant smelling or discoloured discharge and go straight back to the docs if you do notice anything as you may need a course of antibiotics. It might also be worth doing a home pregnancy test, sometimes if there's tissue leftover in your womb the tests will keep coming back positive until your body has cleared it out so that can be a good way of making sure everything has come away. As far as avoiding problems in the future goes it's really difficult to say as no-one seems to have that much info on why m/c happens in the first place. The best advice I can give you is to just try and stay as fit and healthy as you can and be as relaxed as you possibly can be about trying for another baby, hard I know when you've been through such an awful experience but it does seem to work for a lot of people. If there's anything else you want to know or you just need to talk this forum is fantastic and the girls are so supportive so don't be afraid to ask. Hope you're doing as well as can be expected in the circumstances and i wish you lots of luck for the future. Take care,

love, Clare xxx


Thank you

by: antoc28

thanks you ever so much for your reply, you have been much more helpful and clear than my doctor has. Actually, when I called the surgery in tears while I was miscarrying, the doctors didn't even want to talk to me on the phone! I will follow you precious advice and wish you a lot of luck with all you want in your life!

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