'home' dry cleaning


I saw a product somewhere that you put in your tumble dryer to "dry clean" your clothes.
Can't remember what it was called, or where I saw it... has anyone got any ideas?
Sorry, I know it's a long shot!!

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Dry cleaning sheets

You can buy dry cleaning sheets you put in the tumble dryer from the Betterware Catalogue. 4 sheets for £9.99p.


Lady ginge

I,ve found it @ http://www.dr-beckmann.co.uk/dry-clean-only.asp I havent tried it yet but I thought it sounded good and dry cleaning is so expensive its worth a try.



The dry cleaning product for the tumble dryer is called svit and i have tons of the stuff in my warehouse and trying to get rid of it. The stuff is amazing removes grease, oil you name it



by: paulineb25

How can we obtain svit from you


Your stock of svit

by: pilgrimsmaster

You say that you have a high stock of the afore mentioned, How about setting up your own web site and selling it that way if you beleive in the product then go for it...I would be the first in line to buy from you if you are legit................ Pilgrimsmaster


I've found something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://www.lakeland.co.uk/hagerty!REG-dry-cleaner-kit/F/C/washing-laundry/C/washing-laundry-washing-laundr y-detergents/product/21276


'home dry cleaning'

The product you saw was called 'SVIT'. Iv used it and it works well, unfortunatly iv not been able to get it for some time from any of the big stores or from any where for that matter.
From an old packet there web site is www.sivt.co.uk but iv yet to come across this on the net!!!!! TEL number is 08001698976.



by: sparhawk2

need to get rid of my stock of svit i have loads approximately 400000 south african rands worth


And the name is


Fresh and gentle dry cleaning that works in your tumble dryer

Cannot remember where I bought the box for my daughter - she has used it and it works well.

Believe you can also use the 'tissues' you put in your dryer for a crease free garment as well [ but use them in the bag provided with the SVIT]


Tumble dry cleaning product

by: mikepem

Only just started to search myself after partner says she thought she'd seen it in a supermarket. Obviously mistaken judging by the amount of correspondence and desperate requests on the net. I have found a product manufactured in the USA and am trying to have it shipped. Will let you know if we can get hold of it or even persuade someone to import it. I guess that whilst it may once have been retailed in the UK (and knowing how the Brit retail mind panics when threatened with competition) thousands of dry cleaning outlets probably signed a petition asking for its removal from sale here. Have you had any luck since January?



Svit dry cleaning

by: sparhawk2

it was originally called svit then US company bought it over and changed the name if you want stock i have plenty to get rid of. If you are interested please contact me at agcpollock@gmail.com


Svit dry cleaning kit

by: leighforty

I am looking for a dry cleaning kit for home but I only want one dont know it that is any good to u


Petra 309

We've been seaching for one of these dry/ tumble dry sheets, which we have used before.But we cannot find them in the shops any longer. If anyone knows where to get them, we'd be delighted to hear.


Svit dry cleaning

by: sparhawk2

I have tons of svit and want to sell it if you are interested contact me on agcpollock@gmail.com



by: dorathy1

Why don't you sell them via the web? I have just used my last one. They were sold by Somerfield but I got mine reduced I assume because they were no longer stocking them


Never heard of that...

but it sounds pretty good!
If you find out what it was, then let me know!


Can't find it either

by: elesia81

Apparently there was a product called persil revive, like wet wipes you stick in your tumble dryer, but unfortunately I can't seem to find them anywhere, even looked on the persil website and there is no reference to them at all so,I assume they do not sell them anymore (god knows why - I NEED them)


Can't find it either

by: donjoaoresort

Is there any product in the market for dry cleaning the cloths?


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