Vaser upper and lower abdomen


I had my vaser surgery since January 13, 2012 and so far the only result I see is that the pouch is not the but my stomach is still tender and firm and I have some areas that are numb. Its been only 3 weeks but is the results suppose to get better. I eat a lot of vegetable and fruit and drink a lot of water but so far I don't like the results, when is the results suppose to get better.

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Im sorry that you are not pleased.
Who did your vaser for you? Did you see the fat that he took out afterwards?

You may still be swollen, it can take a few months but im surprised you cant see any kind of results now?




by: jeanjelly

I was very loopy after the surgery and was unable to see the fat that was removed, but the only result that I see very clearly is that I don't have a pouch any more but I still have a firmness. . . i just like to see results.dressing

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