10 days late for my period... done 8 home pregnancy tests, but doctors test said neg??



Well I am 10 days late for my period and done a home preg test on Fri 13th Sat 14th and Sun 15th every single one said positive (all 8 of them!!!!).
So I done a urine sample and took it to the Dr's yest and the result was negative!! I could not believe it!
Have been trying for about 6 months and am sooooo confused.
Please could anyone give me any advise???


Me to


just read your letter , i too have the same problem,i have missed my period for 3 weeks and taken some home pregnancy tests that said positive, but went to the doctors and he said negative.


Hi girls

by: karen2818

A friend of mine works in the lab at our local hospital and let me in on a little secret... if they are running late or are really busy they'll label ALL pregnancy tests negative (why I hear you ask) the answer is simple.. if you are indeed pregnant then it's obvious that you'll retest right? Therefore you will get your proper results eventally, whereas tests for illnesses and anamia and such like are given first priority and are never labelled inaccurately. hope this little insight has helped you all.



im now 6 days late for my period my breasts hurt like they normally do before im on my period and im constipated like i ususually am just wondering if i could be pregnant as i had sex last week and didnt use a condom my bf withdrawed before he came but iv heard this can still get u pregnant. but iv also heard that when you worry and are down this can also make u late has anyone got any advice as i really do not want a baby at my age


Maybe testing too early??

Hi, i just read your message and i'm kinda in the same situation. I've learned loads from net over last few days tho.... doctors tests are not as senstive. With my first baby all the doctors tests were negative up until when i was 8 weeks pregnant, while the HPT said postive. Its all wrong isnt it?!! I'm sure if you get tested again in a week or so the doctors one will be positive too. Good luck!! xx



by: lanny221

my doctor sent my urine off to be tested at a lab to see if i was pregnant and they came back negative, but i have had some HPT come back positive. does anyone understand what is going on ?



I have read that home pregnancy test can be more sensative than the type a Dr.'s office would have. I would wait a couple days and retest yourself at home using a different brand than you have before. If you get a positive result again, call the doctor and ask to be retested. If the doctor STILL says negative, an OB/GYN can do an internal exam or an ultrasound between 6-8 weeks and can tell you for sure! You can also request a blood test. Good luck!



by: ladyfp

Thanks I retested using a different brand today and still positive, Spoke to the Dr who thinks I def am pregnant, She said the test the Dr does only shows up after your 14 days late for your period.
Have got a Dr's appointment on Monday to get everything confirmed!!

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