Early symptoms - pain in left hand side and back ache


hi all,
just wondering if anybody could shed any light on some symptoms ive been having. i have done two clear blue tests and tested positive but my a/f is due tomorrow so im really nervous and hoping it doesnt come! for the last two weeks i have had lots of pregnancy symptoms but also symptoms that are causing me concern. i have severve ache in my lower back and a pain in my left side (kind of a stabbing pain) just above my hip. is this normal? could this be implantation pain? also, what causes the back ache? is it your womb expanding. its kind of like the pain you get when you a/f is due but worse
please advise,
helen xx

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Hi helen

Me again.... If I were you I would go to see your doctor. Very sharp stabbing pain can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy which is very serious. I'm not aware that implantation pains should actually be painful, more discomfort than anything and usually only last a day or so. (Thats purely from my own experience)

Please get checked out, just to make sure.

Hope it goes well. Good luck.

Sarah. xx



by: tinkerbell233

thanks sarah, i will do. my a/f is due today no sign of it yet which is very good news. as long as a/f doesnt come today i will go and see my gp tomorrow to get everything checked out and pregnancy confirmed. i will keep you informed. thanks so much for your help xxxxx

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