Implantation bleeding or period?? spotting then one day period then spotting


I had a miscarriage three months ago and have been ttc ever since. My last period was very strange. I started what I thought was my period on day 30.(saturday) My periods are irregular and usualy start between day 28 and day 35 so the start wasn't unusual but the first day i was spotting brown watery discharge (sorry for TMI) not even enough to fill a panty liner. i did a test in hope but it was negative, then that night I came on which i thought was a normal flow I used one tampon for the whole day on the sunday (know this sounds gross but i was out all day and didn't need to change it) then the next day nothing my period disappeared. Since then i have been spotting brown blood but so you would hardly notice and i dont even need a panty line its only there when i wipe. Does this sound normal to you? My period normally last 5 days and im quite heavy and it normally comes on medium goes to heavy then tapers off. I would appreciate you experience and thoughts about this. Even if you just think i've had a strange period..... : ) Thanks


I was pregnant!

Just came across this post! Turned out I was pregnant after weird period must have been implantation. My daughter is now 6.5years!


Finally a original

by: yan519

Hi i've been looking everywhere for some answers. I am currently in the exactly same boat as you but today i am 12dpo and in what started as brown spotting picked up in the day as red bleeding so I thought it was my period however it has stopped, not even bleed for a full day but it was quiet heavy I don't know if it's all in my head bcuz I started to panic but i had mild crMping through it all and then now i feel completely normal well stomach feeling lil weak but literally it's gone. I am scared to take test i'm thinking imma wait few more days. Btw I am 2-3 days early never happened before since last week i could have sworn i have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms event tho thos is all new to me. How soon did you get a positive?


The post contraceptive coil 1-day period

Hi all
I know this post is old, but judging by the comments i'm guessing the problem is still current.
I have always had regular, reasonably heavy and painful periods, but after having had the coil in for 4 years and now removed, everything seems to have changed. My periods are still regular, but only last 1 day or more usually 1 tampon max and then just a bit of spotting for half a day. I also get pains for half a day before the bleed - regular as clockwork.
I'm nearly 34, haven't had children yet and am worried that my body is full of cobwebs and about to give up the ghost - talk about overly dramatic...

Has anyone else had this experience? Is it coil related or age related?


Period or pregnant?

Hi, I know this is an old post, but I have been TTC for 10 months now after coming off the contracteptive injection.
I read your post about bleeding for one day then spotting, the exact same thing is happening to me. Prior to this my perios were coming every month and the period like yours would last 5 days.
Just wondered how you have got on?


Very strange

Hiya, i just had to register with this site to reply to your post as couldn't believe someone was experiencing the same as me. My last period sounds exactly like what you have described and i have been wondering what is going on. my period arrived on evening of day 28(12th oct)and began as brownish spotting and the next day i used a couple of tampons expecting it to be fairly heavy like the previous month but it was just medium . then on day three , there was nothing ! Since then have had slight spotting of brownish blood every day and yesterday i thought it must have been finished, then this evening (day 8) i had a slight bit of pink/red when i wiped which i thought was very odd. i have only been off the pill 4 months after being on it many years so maybe just my body trying to get back on track??? my periods have been a bit irregular since. i will keep reading incase anyone has any explanation?


Strange periods all round, tmi incoming!

Hi hun,

I had my 3rd m/c about 3 months ago and my periods have been weird ever since. The first month was really light and watery brown and only lasted 3 days then last month it was still kind of brownish, quite light and stopped after about 3 days again. Had a little spotting on and off for a day or 2 then it started again, more like normal period flow for about 4 days, gradually getting lighter til I thought it had stopped. Had another day or so with nothing and then spotting started again and went on for almost another week. Had about 10 days to go before my next period was due by the time it stopped completely but wasn't really expecting it on time as my cycle seemed so messed up. Lo and behold good old AF turned up bang on time and seems to be making herself at home worse luck! Started on Saturday, quite light again to start with but last couple of days it's got heavier and the blood is bright red for the first time since m/c. Just seems like my body has taken longer to get over it this time, things went straight back to normal after the first 2 but have seen my doc and she doesn't seem worried just said to give things time to settle down. Wouldn't rule out implantation bleeding cos you just never know but try not to worry if you're not pregnant this month, don't think our weird periods mean there's anything wrong we just have to be patient (yeah right!) keep trying and let our bodies sort themselves out in their own time. Hope all this is completely irrelevant and you get your BFP, let me know how you get on.

Lotsa love, Clare xxx


Me too!

I having been having irregular cycles since coming off the pill in April - 55 days, 54 days, 35 days and now I am on day 45 and still no af and bfn!! Last night and this morning there have been weird brown clots when I wipe (sorry tmi)whereas my last few periods I have come on full flow straight away.

Don't know if af on its way or whats going on




by: lawlaw22

hiya im just new to this was reading through this before, i been confused as i havent been on for about 3-4weeks now and i done 3 test but still showing negative, but now today like you said when you go the toilet i got a bit of blood and still got bad pains like normal period pains, So dont no whats happening i have just missed a month or what ? Any one help.


When is day 1?

by: ggoose14

I have read what has been said by all. We are trying to conceive and I have been off the pill for about 8 months or so. My periods are very irregular, like 45 days, 54 days, 75 days, back to 52 etc. It is very irritating, because I dont know when I am ovulating and I dont know when to start counting from because I also spot. I started spotting last week Sat but then was on and off then nothing. Then last week Wed did I really start, so when is day 1? Can anyone give me some advice? I have had blood tests and my hormone levels are all normal.


Implantation bleeding

by: jehnavi

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if youre actually pregnant or just experiencing a flu or PMS. To help you distinguish between being pregnant and just thinking that maybe, possibly, you might be, take a look at our signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms sections or try our on-line pregnancy test. If you're still not sure but you have a pet, then take a cue from them. As Sensing Pregnancy explains, pets are often intuitive when it comes to pregnancy.


Implantation bleeding

by: jehnavi

The cells that eventually form the placenta are called trophoblasts. Specialized trophoblasts, the syncitiotroblast, are responsible for developing an interface with the maternal circulatory system to provide nutrients and allow gas (oxygen [O2] and carbon dioxide [CO2]) exchange to occur.

Periodically, while this interface is developed, some of the maternal blood is lost. This implantation bleeding is typically short in duration and quite light.

Approximately one third of all pregnant women report bleeding that is associated with implantation. The presence of implantation bleeding does not increase the overall risk of miscarriage, however. Most pregnancies will continue until term without further bleeding"

http://implantationbleedinginsight.co m/

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