Missed period, lower cramps, front and back but 2 negative pregnancy tests


Hi there
Good morning to you all.

Can anyone shed some light, I hope so! during the Feb month, this year, I have experienced lower stomach cramps like I am due to come on my period, accompanied by lower back cramps as well. A week from then I was meant to come on, ie last weekend but havent done. These strange symptons I have never had as I am on the pill and normally come on my period ok, Then I get 2 day migraines before I am due on but again I have had nothing lately just the migraines, like I am just about to come on. This is really strange. I have never missed my period and had these lower pains before.

About 2 weeks ago, I went to the doctor, took a urine sample in, showed nothing, had a blood test, nothing and last night and a week ago I took a pregnancy digital Clear Bue test but nothing again. They say to take the test either when you are due or when you are late, so I have now been 4 days late and still negative test.

Its these strange feelings down there which are really puzzling me. On the Clearblue test again it mentions to take the test another 3 days afterwards as the results can again change, so will take on Friday this week to see what happens?

Really worried and nothing.....!! I dont have sore breats, or any other feelings just these lower pains...?

thanks for reading, anyone else had simliar symptons?



I'm getting the same kind of symptoms

Hi I no how u feel. I was on the pill for ten years never missing a period then missed one but had a negitive test, so carried on takin my pill but had really bad period pains all month ( which I don't normally get for more than a day)
My next period was due which I also missed but still had a negitive test. I went to dr and he said to stop takein my pill to try and get a normal period. I came on for a day and still getting the cramps. My last little
Bleed was 3 weeks ago. Just deciding whether to go back to dr. The thing is we have decided to try for a baby now so I wanna make sure everything's ok,
Let me no how ur getting on would be good to hear another opinion xxxx


I have the same problem! (sort of)

my period was due this week and i had cramps as if it was going to start i am on the pill and i am always regular! on the day i was due to start i had a very small amount in the afternoon when on the toilet and that was it! i have cramp type pains front and back and i have been fealing sick and have been realy emotional tfor the past week and a half. i have taken one test today and it was negative and i am going to take another in the morning. i dont know what being pregnant feels like but i feel pregnant.


Trying for a baby....negative test results!!!

Yes I understand how you feel. I've been getting lower abdominal pain since a few days after I would have conceived (as I took ovulation tests), sore breats, and very strange tired feelings more than usual. I have heard that these tests sometimes don't show anything. But a blood test should definately show an accurate result though. I understand how are things now??



Omg exactly the same symptoms!!

wonder whats going on with us? i just posted a similar question...i had the funny pains yesturday, almost like a mild stitch?
try not to worry....that's all i can say as i am in a similar boat. worrying wont make a difference.
give it another week and take another test.
good luck!

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