Signs of pregnancy and late period, but negative test result..pregnant or not?


Hi Guys... heres whats going on to me... hopefully someone will be able to offer some advice because im completely lost.

A week before my period was due i got cramps as if my period was starting, then my boobs were extremely sore then just sensitive. and I couldnt make it through the day without a nap.

I started feeling very nausea ever so often. My period was due Thursday March 29 and it didnt arrive. The day after i took a pregnancy test(used first morning urine) and it was negative.

I started to vomit in the mornings starting saturday.
Boobs still sore, and mild cramps ever so often, along with nausea and mild headaches and I started to notice some backpain. My period is now 5 days late.

Could the home pregnancy test be wrong and i can still be pregnant? or is this all in my mind from worrying about being pregnant?

Any answers are greatly appreciated



Okay, my boyfriend and I are not trying but I'm getting kinda worried. my period was 5 days late but finally started, I normally start very heavy but this time it started off with it being very light pink and over night went to a light bright red. We have sex when ever it is unprotected and he cums in me every time, most of the twice in one intercourse secession. My last period was 11/06/13 to 11/10/13 and it is normally 7 days and then 28 days apart. I am on the pill and regular, but I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about a week ( cramps, boobs hurting, lower back hurting, discharge, late period, head aches, feeling light headed, and light bleeding). I have taken 4 test two came out negative the other two was faint positive. I had a blood test done but I dont know when i will hear anything i wanted to hear what yall thought



by: samc30

I am in your exact position, only ive only taken 2 tests. How did it turn out? Because I don't know where to go with mine....


3 method for test

The first way to know whether we are pregnant or not is to do a pregnancy test yourself at home, there are actually 3 methods to be able to find out results of a <a ="http://kliniksehat.org/negative-pregnancy-test-results">pregnancy test</a>, the urine test, blood tests, and that terahir is using ultrasound technology



I have been experiencing the same things I did the math and would be 16 weeks right now. I have been throwing up since about week 5 and cant sleep at nights. I constantly get up to pee my breasts are sore and my aerolas larger my back has ached like crazy since july and I keep feeling little flutters. I gained 8 lbs since july and my periods have been about one day long and super light I have only use about 3 tampons in 4 months and normally I use 5 a day for 4 days a month I finally got my hands on a test this morning but it came out negative. I still am having issues. just the other day I literally fell asleep about 3 hours after I got to work and I am a cna luckily it was while I was feeding someone. Im super worried since Im only 16 Ive been having intercourse for about 7 months and I need to get this figured out so me and my Boyfriend can figure out if we need to move somewhere we can both get jobs to give the baby both parents and financial support it needs any help would be nice.


Mirror situation, possible explanation...

by: milagrosmurndares

My situation literally mirrors yours to a tee; every symptom under the sun for months, swollen, sore breasts and growing, darkening areolas, weight gain that's only apparent in the bottom of my abdomen, and periods that are either completely missed or last for one day and are very light. i would also be in my 16th week now and have been feeling little fluttery pangs. but i still don't set off tests; a took one just a few days ago, and i've taken 10 total since i first started getting symptoms. my best guess on all this is decidual bleeding, or placental misplacement... it's basically that the baby's placenta formed in an unusual spot, and your body didn't immediately pick up on the fact that you're pregnant; you still may bleed around your period, but it's not as heavy because only a small amount of your uterine lining reacts and sheds, and a lot of women report that they didn't set off pregnancy tests through the first half of their pregnancy, if at all. i found this on another forum, and several of the women actually confirmed that they were in fact pregnant, but many of them didn't find out until 5 months or more into their pregnancy.
i'll make sure to keep you tuned in when i find out for sure, since your condition is so similar to mine. best of luck :3


Worried. preg symptoms, neg tests, one light period, but not sure it was a period

okay.... i'm sorry i can't be more helpful, but i have been having a problem like this too... i haven't been sexually active for very long and have never been pregnant. my boyfriend and i slept together 2&1/2 months ago (aprox 9 weeks), 8 times over one week. we used condoms, but the first broke, and we've had worries that others we used may have been puntured or defective. i had some light spotting within the week we were active, but thought nothing of it. two weeks after the last time, i noticed some symptoms; nausia, fatigue, some weight gain, and a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. when my first period didn't show up, i took a urine test which came up negative. the day my second period should have come but didn't i took another test, which again came up negative. over a week after i should have gotten my second period, i started getting some cramping, and period-like bleeding, but much shorter and lighter than normal. i'm still experiencing lots of pregnancy-like symptoms.
SYMPTOMS: nausia, sensitivity to smell, fatigue, swollen, tender breasts (+1 cup size in 2 months also), weight gain (about 8-9 lbs), some stretch marks only on hips, lower stomach, and breasts, and hormone fluctuation/ mood swings. heavy feeling in pelvis in first couple weeks, not as obvious now.
family history of ovarian cysts, suspected thyroid problems (not yet diagnosed), currently on adderall and previously on straterra for ADD.
others- i also take calcium tablets because i am lactose intollerant, but this does not seem like it would be important in this situation, and am currently on sprintec (bcp) but only started on this two days ago, perscribed because i don't set off preg tests so it's been assumed that i have very irregular periods.
1) high risk pregnancy
2) ectopic pregnancy
3) undetected pregnancy (not necissarily ectopic or high risk, just undiagnosed)
4) no pregnancy, but another problem that needs to be treated


Myns a bit differnt and in worried

I been on the pill for a couple of months to help regulate my periods and it worked perfect up to resuntly. I was a bout 5 days late during november and then when i did come on it was so light it might as well not have happend and lasted 16 hours ( not normall for me at all) and iv gad nothing scince then. Iv been sick tierd irritated rediculasly hungery comparerd to normal bloated and bad back ace. I did a home test that said negative so went to see the nurse and she was a bit conserd as to what was going on so send off a wee sample for testing and seems to think i still could be . If i am pregent i will be do happy but im worried that because im only 4ft 11 and a 28inch waist that il have trouble carrying and actually guving birth. What else worryd me is if imm not whats wrong with me ?!?!
Anyone that could help would be so amazing thank you


Product fault????

Wow i had a similar problem - what im thinking that there could be a product fault? i had no idea so many others had the same problem. I think everybody needs to say what product they used and see if there is a pattern - take it from there. I never thought to take a note of what the company name was of the test strip i used. it coule be product fault???


Me too help!!!

Hey everyone.
I'm quite scared and confused at the moment. I thought I was pregnant but then recent events have put doubt in my mind.
At 13 dpo I felt pinching in the right hand side of my uterus. This happened on and off until the end of 15 dpo. I am currently 4 days late and I decided to take a home pregnancy test this morning and it came back negative. I took a second test a few hours later only because I felt I did the first test wrong, it too came back negative.
I've had a few symptoms and it has confused me. They include:

- Fatigue
- Nausea
- Bloating
- Constipation
- Mood Swings
- Headaches
- Heartburn
- A prodding feeling in my uterus where the pinching was
- Darkening Areolas
I called the NHS helpline and told the nurse about my symptoms, my lateness and the negative test. She told me she didn't think I could be pregnant and told me I should get myself checked out. I called elsewhere for another opinion and the second nurse was more concerned about the fact I was constipated. The only advice she gave me was to try testing again in a week.
My fiancé and I have been trying to conceive for a while and we had sex 2 days before and the night before my ovulation and I've been taking folic acid every morning.
I'm really quite scared now because whilst I was convinced I was finally pregnant, one nurse doesnt agree, another is concerned with my backside and 2 pregnancy tests came back negative. The second nurse told me to wait a week, try testing again and if that's a negative, go get checked out. I'm terrifed and so confused. I have no idea what's going on and no one has been of any help so far. If anyone here has any reassuring thoughts or advice, I'd be forever grateful.



I'm having the same issue

by: icharlenei

I am having the exact same issue as you. I'm 2 weeks late on my period and have taken 5 home pregnancy tests and 2 blood tests and all came back negative. I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms:

Mood swings
Frequent urinating at night
Large and darkened areolas

I've spoken to a doctor and advice nurse on the phone and they both say that if the test is negative then I am not pregnant.

Just wondering, did you end up to be pregnant?



I had the copper coil removed on 7th June after it didn't agree with me but haven't had a period since 1 may, pregnancy tests are coming up negative but we are confused now whether am pregnant or not. Does anyone have any advice? getting a blood test done at docs tomorrow in case HGC level is very low


Me 2

by: mrsholley

Im having simular thing! I had the mirena coil had it removed on 8th feb, been having unprotected sex since 14th feb. had my first period 12-18th may. And now two weeks late for june period but tests are negative. What did the blood test show? Thanks


Late period/ negative pregnancy tests

Ive done about 4 Pregnancy tests but all off them have come back negative, im 10/11 days late on my period, been to doctors and they have just told me to keep retaking pregnancy tests, what else can i do?


I am fed up with negatives.

Background information. I am 25 and I have 3 children. My oldest son I tested 31 days after my period and got a positive - I did not test other than that date. With my daughter (middle child) I tested 9dpo, 12dpo and 14dpo all were positive and getting darker. With my youngest son I was on the combined pill and I found out I was pregnant with him when 6 weeks (again this was the only time I tested with my son - I thought I was having an off cycle with the pills).

Now I came off combined pill Jan 2012. We decided to wait to try for our fourth until we reached May (to avoid birthdays being so close together). My cycles were 26 days and I ovulated on day 11. I am now sat on cycle day 29. So far had BFN with several different brands - Asda, poundland, internet cheapies..... I have really bad nausea! Even after I have eaten. It just will not go. Feels like constant morning sickness. I am tired constantly, I have the biggest mood swings ever (hubby said I am definetely pregnant and it is not pms) I have really bad gas! and it stinks only time it has ever been like that is pregnancy and labour! I am going off certain foods and can't get enough of cheese on toast (for a while it relieves the nausea). I expected me to have no problems when it comes to period or finding out I am pregnant. I am being driven insane. I have a dentist consultation on 19th June and I have to be xrayed for it! I don't want to miss it if in fact I am not pregnant, but I don't want to risk it incase I am. I also want to know whether to book myself for the smear test.

I just want an answer - and soon!!! Hope everyone gets their answers soon if they have recently posted (sorry didn't check dates)



by: angelab7030

I'm in the same boat. I am 26 been on the pill since I was 16 and when I finish my pill packets for my 7 day break I come on like clock work. I did miss a couple of pills in that month by accident and I am now 10 days late and have been feeling very nauseus for ages now, very bloated, lower abdomen tenderness and sometimes a twitching feeling. Ive also had a increase in body temperature and feel dizzy sometimes. I took two asda's own tests last monday evening and they both came back negative. I went docs and they told me to do a urine sample which I am due the results tomorrow. I would expect pregnancy tests to be accurate even if it was an asda's own, but if the doctors test results tomorrow come back negative I still don't think i'd be convinced as I just feel so ill and have never been even one day late in my period coming. Even though it isn't really a good time for my partner and I to have a baby I would be very happy. I will just have to book in to see the doc again if it does come back neg but I'm pretty sure they will try and fob me off with the old 'irritable bowl syndrome' story like the do for anything thats in connexion with stomach pain and nausea. Fingers crossed for you and your partner



you could possibly be, not all tests are 100% accurate. it may be the fact its still to early to do a test. i had a friend that did 8test and 3of them were positive. i also had a friend how was 6mths before she found out she was (but ont let that scare you). it will happen. just giv it another 4-6weeks then do a test if your period still has not yet come. no results by then i would go and see your GP. remenber dont stress cause that could lead to miscarrige, relax, have fun and enjoy spening time with your partner.


Negative test, but all symtoms.

Hi im 15 since my last sexual intercourse on the 12th of feb up to the 26th of feb, i feel pregnant , ive been sleeping quite a bit, i never used to have naps in the day or going to sleep early at night, i have a change in taste, and massive craves for chocolate but i don't normally eat chocolate, its strange for me, i have been feeling very bloated recently, so i went to buy a pregnacy test today and it came back negative, it was a cheap one from pound shop, but i still have the symtoms, my period was due on today but still not came on, any advise thanks


Negative test, all the syptoms

I'm 22 and 2 weeks late. I started my periods at 9 n have NEVER missed I was 5 days early when moving in with my old housemate n 2 months later was 5 days late according to her cycle, but think was just going back on mine. Have always been like clockwork, between 11 and 12 every 4th monday very heavy lasting 6 days. I have taken 2 tests both of which said negative, one was a cheap one, the other clear blue. My breasts are so sore I cannot cuddle my boyfriend without wincing in pain, I am constipated, weeing more than usual, stomach cramps (but not as period cramps are) back ache, very hot all the time (having to change t-shirts 2/3 times a day for sweating and very tired. Please help


Neg tests, but all the symptoms!

Hi, Well about a week and a half ago I had some spotting. it was a browny pink discharge and I only had it when I went to the loo and only last that one day. Since then I have been feeling sick and extremely hungry all the time and I haven't stopped eating (which is unusual for me as I have a rather bad relationship with food). I have been going for one or two naps a day and going to bed very early, but I normally have a regular sleep routine. I have been needed the toilet a lot more than usual, something like 2 or 3 times every half hour. I have mild headaches not all the time, I feel sick a lot, usually in the evening though and I have been sick on one occasion. Lower part of my back has been aching, and lots of cramping in my lower abdomen. My boobs are not sore but have felt rather numb up until today. The aerolas have got slightly darker and bit bigger but my boobs haven't got bigger at all! Oh and not to mention the mood swings, I mean I am 17 and obviously this is going to be normal, but I know how I am when I am being moody or angry but lately I have been snapping at everyone and everything. Usually around my period I am not very nice to be around, but it is completely different. I am due my period sometime around this week 20-25th and it is the 24th now and have had no period pains before this week which I usually get. I have take at least 4 cheap home pregnancy tests and all say negative. How ever I know that it is probably too early to know but I'm scared to get another negative because this is what me and my partner both want and I just have the feeling that I am pregnant, like an instinct. It's just that the tests say neg so I don't know what to do! Sorry for it being quite lengthy!


Hi kim

by: lottie1985

Hi Kim don't panic intol your actually late. Most test say that you have to wait at least couple days after missed period So I suggest wait a little longer. If you are then late then take another test whether the results are positive or negative arrange an appointment with your gp. They will do one there for you and confirm if it is still negative and there isn't a note explanation insist on a blood test. I myself ha to do this a few months ago. By the time I got the results I was almost 12 weeks! That was only because I demanded a blood test due to family history. If you read my previous posts you will see. I am due my little man beginning of may 1st/2nd
Good luck and let us know how you get on

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