What flour do i use for yorkshire pudding


what flour do i use for yorkshire pudding please is it self raising or plain

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Allways use plain Flour for yorkshire pudding, but when you make fish batter you use Self Raisin and water and a pinch of salt only.
From a Yorkshire man who has been making Yorkshire pudd for over 60 odd years happy batter making.



by: clairewilliams1

And a splash of larger xxxx


Plain is best, goood luck with the cooking

Good luck

N x


Yorkshire pudding

I Hope by now you have made lots of Yorkshire Puddings but if not I always use self raising flour-good luck



best yorkshire pud recipe ...never fails...5 1/2 oz plain flour,2 large eggs,1/2 pint milk ..whisk very hard until smooth ,leave and whisk again ,use a deep 12 muffin tin with 1/2 centimeter of oil in each one put in oven until smokin hot ,when hot take out quickly devide mixture into tin (should sizzle} bake for 30 mins until tall and crispy ,never open oven door !!!!!!! they will sink lol please try it


Yorkshire pudding

I are a yorkshire lass born and bred we always use plain flour if you were to use self raising your puddings would be heavy and not as well risen - and stodgy inside' they are still edibe and in a way still nice but the original plain flour gives a very light well risen pudding


What flour do i use for yorkshire pudding?

I always use plain flour.



I usually use plain flour. Kat x


Has anybody tried using sauce flour ?

by: jodevizes

Has any body tried to make Yorkshire pudding with superfine sauce flour? The reason I ask is because I had run out of normal flour and had to make some batter for my fish. It turned out to be really great for coating fish, it was nice and crispy. I am also going to use it for my next vegetable tempura.

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