Everytime i see him i just want to pounce on him and make love


I have started dating this guy and we have been with each other now for about 4 months. The only thing is everytime we are together, i get very aroused around him and i just want to jump on him and make love to him. He has said to me that he wants me for more than just sex. I am not quite sure how to handle the relationship in other areas, without thinking about jumping on him every 5 mins. What should i do?

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Don't pounce on him, take some time.

You need to control your feelings for a while and just start enjoying his company, the way he likes. He would definitely come closer to you soon, by that time enjoy his company and let him fall for you.
Don't pounce on him, take some time. Your dream to make love is not so far; trust me.


Check whether it is love or attraction

I believe you are in love with him, but still you have to make control yourself and check whether it is love or attraction. If you really love him then just go for marriage and make your relationship permanent.
I wish you all the success...


Hold your horses

Sounds like you are very attracted to him and that is totally ok. I have been in relationships like that where every aspect of the person turned me on.Spending hours in bed forgetting about the world.
But there is a lot more to a person than just the physical, although at the beginning it seems hard to imagine that.
But slow down.
Spend some time learning that you don't have to pounce on him every time you meet, Although I am sure he is not complaining,
And that you can be in his company without having to jump straight in the sack.
Get to know him and have a relationship with the person and not just with his anatomy.....
Maybe you will realise that you truly love him and not mistake it with falling in "love" with falling in "Lust"

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