How do i teach myself to squirt


hey.... i was wondering if anyone could help me.... i want to learn how to squirt... is it something you cn learn or is it something you can do or you cant....?



Wondering about squirting

i can help you buddy..... but you should ready to be off time with me. with pleasure



Well, first open [url=http://bestpornsitediscounts.net]http ://bestpornsitediscounts.net[/url] and see how those women do it. Then, if nothing from there suits you, start experimenting on your own what thickness and length and texture you like most, if you need double penetration to feel really excited, or get a pal to give an oral to see how that goes. Usually squirting takes a lot of attention and patience and will to know your body.


How do i teach myself to squirt

Female Ejeculation, or Squirting.
By Women who know what they are talking about.

A note from Shannon Bell :
SB: Well theres three of us who were female ejaculation pioneers, Deborah Sundahl (editor of On Our Backs), Annie Sprinkle and myself. Were all still teaching. I just did a workshop at Come As You Are sex store (Toronto). Now I start off with a 40-minute ejaculation demonstration using sex toys and giving precise technical instruction. I am all about the technology of ejaculation, the power and skill; this has always set me apart from the other teachers. For me it is an acquired skill that a female body in control can choose to do or not do. The seminar is for men and women; it works really well. Ive found that as Ive gotten older, the audiences have gotten super-great..

DeborahSundahl also wrote "Female Ejeculation & the G spot "
As used in" Pennys Dirty Thoughts " when she wrote:
My Femenine Fountain Finally Squirted.
Also In Penneys Dirty Thoughts,look for Diana J Torres work :Vajaculation.
These are all women who know what they are talking about.
No wierd male fantasy rubbish, just solid facts, on female ejeculation
If you intend to ejeculate, it might be better on the floor with a bunch of beach towels,rather than soaking the bed, since the amount of liquid expelled, varies greatly from woman to woman.
Or, get a Liberator Throe, or similar liquid blocking membrane, if you insist on using your bed.


I think

Some women do and some don ... just natural but women can learn. I've helped a few girls with techniques like relaxing, penetration angle, foreplay, etc. It depends on where your being stimulated.



by: hannumon

i like your attitude.. so i wand you to spend with my long horse............. common baby......... smack my bottom


Will teach u without be pervert. txt me in prívate to get contact



I think

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I really don't think it can b learned

I am what u call an intense squirter....I have never tried to do it...and honestly it's not something I want to do bcuz it drains me. Every time I have sex that is the only way I cum. A lot of chicks ask me how do I do it?..and can I teach them how?....and honestly I don't know what to tell them bcuz like I said I don't try...I can't help it *shrugs*...my advice would b...just b happy with being able to have an orgasm....there are females out here that have never experienced one before....if u are a squirter or not...just b happy


i think women got it or not. Perhaps for some women there are technics where it easier to get a squirt. But most women never will have one. If you ever think abaout it and waiting for it it stress you and you not getting it. Accept the circumstands of your nature and let it flow. Perhaps in future you got one without thing about it and you will be suprised.

Ask yourself why it must be and why you want to have one. Do you thing Sex ist better with it? You're only a perfekt 10 if you got one. No. Relax and enjoy your orgasm with or without


Hello sexy

Hello sexy you work on your g spot babes, my ex never used to be able to squirt until i used my big finger on her g spot and then she screamed and squirted for ages which got me really horny, so i had to masturbate over her, and then we used to have phone sex and told her what to do on her g spot and she used to always squirt as it is very horny on the phone when you know you cant have each other, but now were not together i have to take things in hand myself, unless you would like to have some horny chats sexy
Ged xx



by: bedazzleddevil

If I don't squirt does it mean my orgasm is not fully finished? When I squirt it's completely different


Hey sexy

by: demi682

You got me squirting xxx



You can definetly learn how. U just gotta know how to stimulate your g spot. After you find that its easy pickings.


I dont think

by: curiosityr1

I often reach the G-Point of my wife. She really has great Orgasms nearly every Time. But she had only squirt one time in her Life. We do not know why and why not again.



my wife did this years ago ,but i thought she was pissin on me. ~(fool me) just descovered it again, all you do is masterbate but to your knees apart or get your man to hold them apart just so you cant close them when you come, and hey presto a squirt happens, beware.... have a toweln handy as it really flows.hope this helps


If you can squirt...

This blog post is by far the best "how to" that I've seen...


Good tips and encouragement.


It's amazing and u can do it

it's all about the Gspot thingy ... it takes some time at first but You will get there ... I've learned from this guy who have a blog ... he teach squirting for couples ... I was with my bf :p it was AMAZING .. that's the blog: orgasmicfun.blogspot.com
I hope it's gonna work for u



i'm an italian man. my woman is french. i get her with a finger,



From long experience, i honestly don't think you can...............

I've had two (maybe three - wasn't sure about the third) who genuinely had an ejaculation just as they were climaxing. It wasn't urine, even though it came from the urethra - it's a greasy secretion that smells (and tastes) like bacon fat. The one i'm not sure about probably just threw out abnormal amounts of vaginal fluid. You can't do it with a clitoral orgasm - it has to be via stimulation of your g-spot, so get your man to take you from behind in the doggy position, or face-to-face in the deep-stick position; anything to get the angle as wide as possible so that he's not merely sliding his shaft in and out, but banging away with his hammer at the front of your vagina. If that doesn't work, don't worry about it any more - it probably won't happen. Unless, of course, you can improve his erection - is it top-quality, rock-hard bone? If it's not, try dressing up to arouse him a bit further, or closing your legs after penetration to make the most of his girth.
Best of luck!! xx



How i do it is play with my vibrator on my clit, soon as i feel im guna cum i pull away, i do this about 8 times and then it just comes out!!! Told all my friends this aswel and it works for them.

Best feeling in the world

Hope that helps.


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