Do girls masterbate?


hi there i'm new here and i just wanted to know wether all girls (around my age:15/16) masterbate even if they saay they dont. i masterbate but i feel guilty after wards so i am trying to stop now. (i am a guy)



I dont masterbate but 1 of my friends does even though shes not open to anyone about it, ive got a little baby girl 4 and a half months so my hands are full so thats probably why I dont but theres nothing wrong with it!!!



thanx 4 ur tips


Everyone masturbates

I would say even nuns masturbate, so yes women and young girls masturbate, just not usually as much as men. So why try to stop? and why feel guilty? It's normal and harms no one so there is no reason to feel bad.

Masturbation isn't really a big deal as you get older you will learn that.



by: ferret8

thats kinda wrong...yes girls masturbate, i do. all my friends do. but not more men than girls do. the numbers are about the same. girls and boys masturabte the same amount.

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