Vaginal construction!!!


hi all

me n my partner have a good sex life... but when we r doing it for the 2nd time, he loses his erection... he says this is cos my V has becum loose...

can ne1 help me on this??

thanks all

Our partners


pelvic floor exercises help to keep the muscles tight and are very easy to do

does your man have a small penis by any chance, it might not be the size of you but him!!




There are many creams available in the market those holds your vagina tight. If you really want to know deep about it contact to a Urologist. He will help you out.


I think

I think a consult with a Urologist would be helpful.



Omg my bf said that to me and it realllly put me off sex cos i felt like i couldnt please him! honestly you shouldn't worry about it because lately i pulled him up on it and he's since apologised for saying it and admitted he doesn't feel that way- if you're still concerned about it, try kegal exercises every day in repetitions of ten. You'll start to notice a big difference in about a month and a half. Another suggestion is to talk it over with him? Best of luck anyway! x x x x x


More info needed

Hi. My husband is 40, and his turnaround is at least 8 hours. If I try to bring him back right after one shot, he is just not interested. And i think its okay. Men, like us, have their own different attributes. For one thing, age matters a lot.

Your partner's turnaround time is how much? With your post, it seems he loses his errection right after the first shot.

Many men have a lot of ego problems....they will simply not admit that they have lost errection because they are not interested in sex immediately after one shot. They will always blame other things, like the V size.

Finally, my advice will be not to make a big issue out of it....it will simply make it worse. If he cant get it up, try not to try...if you know what i mean.
Please reply.

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