Why am i curious about breastfeeding


Hi there, ok, before I embark on a curious topic of taboo let me just say Im also trying to understand this and discover why on earth I seem to have this dare I say 'fetish'. Im a professional, articulate, attractive guy (Ill stop there before I blow my own trumpet) but I seem soooo curious to try breastfeeding? Is that normal? And understand that the act I find is sensual even arousing. But I would love to even just watch but the idea of actually suckling is woohoooooo to me. I know there is a whole genre/world of ANR out there - which I believe is the techy word for Adult Nursing ....but is it simply, no mate your mom just didnt feed you enough. Am I wonky or just too curious for my own good cause all I want to do is experience this.

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A worthwhile anr/abf site

If you interested in, or just curious about, ANR/ABF, there is a well presented and informative site called "Land of Milk & Honey". Just type 'landmilkhoney' into the searchbar).
The site is organized by a lady from (I think) North America and has essays, articles, stories, tips, and a forum.

Regards, Seymour

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